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run and gun

  1. Bun N' Gun - Christmas SAGE Demo

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Bun N' Gun - Christmas SAGE Demo

    Bun n' gun returns for the holidays with a new demo including improved controls, new map screen, new costume, more gimmicks, clearer navigation and a secret level to test your skill. Try the new demo now! Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Linux Wanna support the game? Join the Patreon...
  2. Bun 'N' Gun - '23 Demo

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Bun 'N' Gun - '23 Demo

    After a year of development we're proud to present a demo of the first couple levels of Bun N' Gun! This year's demo for Bun N' Gun you're going to run through the canyon known as Wilder West, hunting down bats and fight a giant snake that wants to take a big bite out of you! Need to get a...
  3. Who Was The Cat? (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    Who Was The Cat? (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    WHO WAS THE CAT? is the spectacular debut of the TELEPATH art collective! Taking influence from such games as Alien Soldier, Stretch Panic and even a little bit of Devil May Cry, WHO WAS THE CAT? an old school fast-paced action run-and-gun with a strong emphasis on boss battles! Play as Milo...
  4. Bun n' Gun

    Bun n' Gun

    Welcome to Bun n' gun! The game that stars a rabbit who has a gun! For SAGE we have a 1 level demo representing the first level of the game, switch weapons elements, fire type, collect chips and discover alternate paths and secrets. Think you have what it takes to fight the giant snake that's...