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Christmas SAGE 2023 Bun N' Gun - Christmas SAGE Demo


Bun n' gun returns for the holidays with a new demo including improved controls, new map screen, new costume, more gimmicks, clearer navigation and a secret level to test your skill.

Try the new demo now!
Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit


Wanna support the game?​
Join the Patreon and get access to early builds and updates a week, early including other non bun n' gun related projects.

Warning: Keyboard and Mouse is supported but this game was designed with controllers in mind, I recomend turning on mouse control from the options menu if you want to play with a mouse.


Demo soundtrack


Sharb - Head Game Designer (Levels, Art, Programming, Sounds)
Sophie - Tester
Arrietty - Tester
Casstui - Writer, Tester
RummySM - Tester, Artist, Modeler, Animator
ShyPixels - Artist, Star VA
Take-a-nobu - Music
Dimmers - Music
Chris - Linux Testing
PicsAndPixels - Concept art, Bun VA
GameDawg - Bat VA
Cleave - Bev VA
SuperFreaksDev - Super Freaks
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This game is really coming into it's own style which I love to see. Music is absolutely fire too which is a very important element of any game in my opinion! Keep on refining and polish down that gameplay loop like you have been doing so far and you should have a winner on your hands.

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