1. Mr. Triangle Mania 2

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Mr. Triangle Mania 2

    (WARNING: This game contains swearing and a few drug jokes.) Mr. Triangle Mania 2 is a platformer-shooter game with a stupid and wacky meme filled plot. Features: -10 stages -3 playable characters -17 bosses -Time Attack mode, plus an unlockable Boss Rush
  2. Prototype N (SAGE2020)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Prototype N (SAGE2020)

    UPDATE: Updated demo is out under "". It's a more polished up version of the SAGE demo. Destructive robots are running rampant across the world! Nadine, an incomplete prototype robot of unknown origin, fights to save the world while searching for her creator...
  3. Bun n' Gun

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Bun n' Gun

    Welcome to Bun n' gun! The game that stars a rabbit who has a gun! For SAGE we have a 1 level demo representing the first level of the game, switch weapons elements, fire type, collect chips and discover alternate paths and secrets. Think you have what it takes to fight the giant snake that's...
  4. Brooke Vs. World Doom

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Brooke Vs. World Doom

    Note: this game is over the 500mb requirement and has a download link below. Don't just fight your enemies, obliterate them! Brooke Atomica, defender of pizza and master of oversized weaponry, takes on the challenge of ending a destructive band of evil corporations, set out to destroy the...
  5. Gamit: The Skyward Voyage

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Gamit: The Skyward Voyage

    A game I've been working on for about 2 years or so, I just finished it around the time SAGE released and I'm looking for some feedback to help me moving forward. I've submitted smaller crappier projects before to small jams, so this'll be the "big bucks" for me, lemme know whacha think: (Also...
  6. ChronoVenture

    SAGE 2020 - Demo ChronoVenture

    ChronoVenture is a momentum-based Gameboy-style platformer shooter where the player controls a cat named Lizzy as she runs, jumps, claws and shoots her way to the end of the level where she'll encounter against a boss to unlock a new weapon or ability before she finds herself warping into the...
  7. Klonoa - The Dream Chapter

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Klonoa - The Dream Chapter

    What is this game: I was wondering what a Klonoa game would look like if it has some Third Person Shooter gameplay and rocket jumps. So I opened Unreal Engine 4 for the first time (I usually use Unity) and created this small fan game. Why Klonoa: I always loved Klonoa with his Sonic-like...
  8. Touhou - Fortuitous Strife in Arcane Land

    Touhou - Fortuitous Strife in Arcane Land

    (SAGE 2019 demo) 東方不要戦 ~ Fortuitous Strife in Arcane Land This Touhou fangame is a bullet hell shooter stylized like the old PC-98 Touhou Project games developed by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice) This fangame contains completely new art and music, composed by Kousaku-P and arranged by ShinkoNetCavy...
  9. Breeza Budgie Bill Demo

    Breeza Budgie Bill Demo

    Inspired by early 3D games of the mid 90's, Budgie Bill is a definitive assault parakeet!!!, on a mission to defeat all who oppose him, with the Help of Pumpkin Dog, Budgie Bill has a boost ability that can be turned on and off. Pumpkin Dogs Level have a Fish-eye lens, which has a...
  10. mylz


  11. True_RetroDEV

    Seeing Red - Complete Edition

    Primary Booth: Seeing Red is an shooting adventure game where you play as one of a varied selection of heroes navigating the remains of an old world underground. The world includes desolate ruins, rickety mines, eerie dungeons, and...
  12. Mr. Triangle Mania 2 - Alpha Demo

    Mr. Triangle Mania 2 - Alpha Demo

    (WARNING: This game contains swearing and a few drug jokes. In a ""humorous"" manner that can't be taken seriously, but still.) Mr. Triangle Mania 2 is a platformer-shooter game with a stupid and wacky injoke+meme filled plot involving a washed up triangle pizza delivery guy, his former arch...
  13. Space Kahuna

    Space Kahuna

    Are those California waves too bogus for you? Why don't you take a surf in SPACE!!! Space Kahuna is horizontally scrolling shooter developed as a tribute to silly shoot' em ups from the past such as Parodius, Harmful Park, and Cho Aniki. Therefore don't expect the usual space tropes and get...