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Bingo the Multiva (SAGE 2017)

Project Overview

-- Description --

Bingo The Multiva is a fast paced exploration platformer about the titular young multiva, Bingo, on his journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his homeland. Bingo will have to conquer many challenges, defeat many robots, and explore many exotic locations, by utilizing his various abilities.

-- Controls --
Z - Jump (ground) / Kick Flip (air) / Swim (underwater)
X - Somersault (idle) / Roll (moving) / Spin Attack (air)
Down + X - Butt Bounce (air)
C - Quick Dash (tap) / Standard/Super Dash (hold when Energy is full/overcharged)

A - Jump (ground) / Kick Flip (air) / Swim (underwater)
X - Somersault (idle) / Roll (moving) / Spin Attack (air)
Down + X - Butt Bounce (air)
Y - Quick Dash (tap) / Standard/Super Dash (hold when Energy is full/overcharged)

-- Download --
Google Drive (YYC) (Mirror)
Google Drive (Non-YYC) (Mirror)

-- Notes --
If you have issues running the YYC version of the demo, I recommend trying the Non-YYC demo.

Screenshots and media!

-- Music --

Bonus Content

-- Characters --
Alex "Bingo" Rivero
Type: Speed
Age: 14
Home: Neuo Town

Bingo is an absent minded, impulsive, and easily embarrassed teen. While some might see him as a bit of an airhead, over-eager to come off as cool, he has a great sense of adventure, empathy, and a mix of high awareness and intelligence. His speed typing is inherited from his mother.

He can perform a Kickflip or Spin Attack to take care of airborne robots. He can Roll into enemies on the ground or to gain extra speed down hills. His Butt-Bounce allows him to get back to the air while achieving a greater height. Bingo is also able to utilize his Dash ability when he needs to keep things moving.

-- Additional Info --

The game is still a work in progress! There were some planned features for the SAGE 2017 demo, but they could not be added due to time constraints.

One of the major changes that I wanted to have ready for the demo is Bingo's new redesign. His sprites are also being redone in a new style that better reflects the direction I want to go with the game. Here are some examples of the sprites.

Another addition that would have been in the demo are Charges. Charges would serve as the power-ups you can find throughout the level. There were going to be 3 Charges showcased. Speed, Air, and Swim.
-The Speed Charge would increase Bingo's acceleration and allow him to reach his top speed easily.
-The Air Charge makes Bingo's jump floatier and let him stay in the air longer.
-The Swim Charge improves Bingo's underwater mobility as well as staying underwater longer.


Darian Gonzalez (Plom510)
Lead Programmer, Pixel Art, Music, Sound Design, Artwork, Concept Art
voice of Alex "Bingo" Rivero

Roman Heus
Additional Programming, Pixel Art

Pixel Art, Concept Art

Kreg Heckel
Artwork, Concept Art

Andrew Wallace
Pixel Art, Concept Art

Pixel Art

Cocoshii Productions (SoundCloud)
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Latest reviews

The game controls fine, the "attacking" is kinda weird and really slows you down in my opinion. The music is great and the sprite art is good too, it just seems very uninteresting and bland to me. It looks like some random mobile game. The sound effects are meh.

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