SAGE 2020 - Demo Big's Fishing Quest


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One day Big the Cat was going to fish on his favorite fishing river and he noticed that the river was polluted and all the fishes were gone! So he begin a quest to find the culprits and make justice. Start playing now! Click here!

I know a game made on Youtube may be seen as and oddball here but I hope you enjoy! While I was developing this game I taught why not Youtube develop some tools people can make games on Youtube, not just using the end screen feature but some other features. I even mailed some letters to Youtube, all Youtube offices in North America but... they didn't answer me (actually I receive one answer that they taught I wanted my own video being removed. ) Some time later they reveled Stadia, which is a waaaaaaaay batter idea than mine but most people think it's gonna flop.



Game Development, Assets, Story: Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres
Special Thanks to : Sonic Social Media.


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