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    SAGE 2023 - Complete DOLAN REBORN

    GAME OVERVIEW ( STORY ) In Dolan Reborn random people are disappearing all over and its up to you to bring a stop to that. Take control of Dolan and go to various locations in order to pin point where the person responsible for this is. In this journey you will encounter difficult obstacles...
  2. Super Mario Continuance - Sage 2023 Edition

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Super Mario Continuance - Sage 2023 Edition

    CAUTION: Some cutscenes contain blood and gore. Future chapters will contain potentially upsetting themes such as mental illness, cannibalism, and the occult. It is not recommended you play this game if you are especially sensitive to such material. A BRAND NEW TYPE OF MARIO ADVENTURE! Super...
  3. Grandman's Unbearable Existence (Demo 2022)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Grandman's Unbearable Existence (Demo 2022)

    Grandman! He's old, grumpy, and now he's being FORCED out of retirement. Take ahold of the world's strongest, sun-guy thing(?), as he TACKLES and THROWS his way back into a quiet life. Maybe you'll enjoy some of the sights along the way..? Demo Includes: Everyone's favorite, Grandman! 3...
  4. Spring Escape SAGE 2022 Demo

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Spring Escape SAGE 2022 Demo

    Spring escape is a 2D platformer where you control a sentient piece of dirt with the objective of getting to the end of every level it ends up waking up in. You must use your powerful dirt digging ability to get through every obstacle, from avoiding deadly cameras to dashing through electricity...
  5. Rad Venture (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Rad Venture (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Venture forth and... do community service?! Taking inspiration from 2000's 3D platformers and Shōnen anime, Rad Venture is an edgy and stylized approach to the indie 3D platformer resurgence. Take control of Rad, an ex-magician's apprentice, on his journey to finish his community service while...