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SAGE 2022 - Demo Spring Escape SAGE 2022 Demo

General Information

Spring escape is a 2D platformer where you control a sentient piece of dirt with the objective of getting to the end of every level it ends up waking up in.
You must use your powerful dirt digging ability to get through every obstacle, from avoiding deadly cameras to dashing through electricity filled halls, and don’t think the dirt is always going to protect you!

But don't think that's everything, the game also features a speedrun mode option! All checkpoints have mysteriously disappeared, but a brand new timer has appeared, now it's up to you to master your digging skills and get the fastest times possible!

The game is only available on Windows at the moment, and can be played with both a keyboard or a controller.
If you have any suggestions for the game or want to report a bug, please tell us in our Discord server or send me
a Twitter DM.

Check out the game's webpage
Follow the game's Twitter account for updates

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