1. philipawalker

    Music Sonic Piano Collections

    Hi everyone! I've been a lifelong fan of retro Sonic games. Growing up, one of the only games I ever played alongside my dad was Sonic, and I came to love the games, the memories that came along with them, and most of all - the music. Nowadays I enjoy using my abilities on the piano to create...
  2. HenryG

    Music Open to do music for fan games!

    If anyone needs music for your fan game, I'm your guy! Contact me at if you're interested! Cheers
  3. Music Player/Looper for Unity

    Music Player/Looper for Unity

    Echidna Music Player is a simple solution for Unity that handles looping a music track after an intro segment played. It also supports fading in and out of the given tracks. StageMusic.cs is included as an example of how to use the package. To create a compatible "music" file right click...
  4. Apollyon

    RSDK Music Tutorial

    Hey everyone! Today we're gonna be learning how to implement our own custom music into maniac editor! Assuming you already have the tools needed to extract the game's Data, here are some tools you'll need to download going in: Audacity, a music editing program and what we'll be using to export...
  5. Klonoa: Dream Trigger

    Klonoa: Dream Trigger

    Klonoa: Dream Trigger is a small project put together just after the announcement of this year's SAGE using the OpenBOR beat'em up engine. The idea is making a game based on the Super Mario RPG, but using Klonoa to see how interesting it would be to have him in an action game and presenting him...
  6. James Nik Gray

    Looking to write music for a Sonic Fan game

    I am a published video game composer looking to get hired to do a sonic fan game. please check out my demo reel at OR my completed game soundtracks at i really would appreciate any advice (or offers for that matter lol) i figured this would be the best...


    Experience speed and sound, featuring the songs made by YOU guys! Simple but addicting rhythm gameplay takes you through the history of the franchise. download for PC or ANDROID at
  8. Sr101


    Hey all! I'm making a Sonic music game called: SONIC PROJECT S The goal of the project is to make a simple rhythm game featuring Sonic-styled gimmicks and music from the community. I currently have about 10 artists signed on to "donate" some tracks. Keep in mind this is obviously going to be a...
  9. Allegro: The melodic warrior

    Allegro: The melodic warrior

    DOWNLOAD at: SECRET BETA FOREST LEVEL: At the title screen press Up Up Up Up Up Up Up (6 Times) and then press A. (The demo was released in November 2016, the beta forest level was revealed in later January 2017 in a promotional event). - Allegro: The melodic warrior is a...
  10. That Fucking Fish

    The Music thread

    Post any music here! I know cave has one up, but that's meant for user-made music, so this one's for anything else! I'll start.