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  1. Occultryx: Beast of Nocturne (Xmas '23 Demo)

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Occultryx: Beast of Nocturne (Xmas '23 Demo)

    WHAT IS OCCULTRYX? Occultryx: Beast of Nocturne is a story that follows the Bounty Hunter H-13 "Dysis" Hunting down a rival and elusive bounty. A werewolf master of combat who has taken over a mysterious facility on the planet Stygia. The nearby city and surrounding areas have been infected...
  2. matrix

    Fan Game Super Mario Bros. Friends

    Inspired by Mario Forever, Super Mario World, Diamond Rush, and Yoshi's Island(SNES). Join Mario and the kids from Mushroom Heights to rescue his brother Luigi by completing all the stages and taking down the antagonist. It contains mind-blowing graphics and 2.5D visuals to add some experience...
  3. Cube Crusaders - Horde Mode

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Cube Crusaders - Horde Mode

    CUBE CRUSADERS - Mow down all who stand in the way of your Crusade. Become a benevolent conqueror, or a brutal oppressor to those you achieve victory over. Your actions decide the fate of the planet. Conquer various factions, fight Slimes, Undead, and meet unexpected allies in this 2.5D...
  4. Super Mario Bros. Friends

    Super Mario Bros. Friends

    This game is available on : Now, a brand-new launcher available eXclusive to MFGG!!! An adventure and a black-comedy game inspired by Mario Forever, Super Mario World, Diamond Rush...
  5. OUTER OUTAGE sage 2023 demo!

    SAGE 2023 - Demo OUTER OUTAGE sage 2023 demo!

    Outer Outage is a 2.5D collectathon platformer with a stylish surreal artstyle and speedy gameplay! This demo contains 6 of the game's open sandbox stages! Heres... The trailer The itch page UH OH!! Our silly lil alien protag, named Blemie, got his ship stolen by some crummy robot whilst on...
  6. Tacti-Cat

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Tacti-Cat

    You play as Ellie the cat and have to use your fish guns to save the world from wizards that also have guns. Minimum requirements: CPU: the celeron in your moms laptop should work RAM: 6gb GPU: Intel UHDgraphics 650 Notes: This game runs on half a slice of cheese page Controls: A...
  7. Brooke Vs. World Doom

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Brooke Vs. World Doom

    In the future, fun has been deemed "too dangerous". Test your limits in jaw-dropping, body shaking action to save the world from boredom in this fast-paced sidescrolling shooter! Reign destruction with weapons and powerups beyond the ordinary. Battle through crazy locales from mile-tall...
  8. Devil Buster (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    Devil Buster (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    In Devil Buster, slash and kill your way to victory and save your soul in the Blood-Slashing Championship! Play as Takata Minori or Okamoto Kichiro in this Demo. 20 - Characters 30 - Stages 0 - Story 50 - Sreenpack 10 - Overall Progress
  9. Brooke Vs. World Doom

    Brooke Vs. World Doom

    *download link for this game is here: Fun has been declared illegal, and Brooke Atomica's throwing a party! An evil league of corporations plan to wipe out all things fun. Delicious snacks and drinks are nearly extinct, and it's up to Brooke Atomica...
  10. Brooke Vs. World Doom

    Brooke Vs. World Doom

    Note: this game is over the 500mb requirement and has a download link below. Don't just fight your enemies, obliterate them! Brooke Atomica, defender of pizza and master of oversized weaponry, takes on the challenge of ending a destructive band of evil corporations, set out to destroy the...
  11. TheCliffStudios

    3D to 2.5D Gameplay

    So I've been experimenting with 2.5D transitions in my 3D Sonic Game engine, I've always found the seamless transition from 3D to 2D and back a very impressive part of the boost formula games. Naturally, It's a difficult thing to design so I'd like to discuss how such a system should work, by...
  12. Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild, a small demonstration of Sonic with 2.5D graphics, made from scratch in the Godot engine