1. Brooke Vs. World Doom

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Brooke Vs. World Doom

    Note: this game is over the 500mb requirement and has a download link below. Don't just fight your enemies, obliterate them! Brooke Atomica, defender of pizza and master of oversized weaponry, takes on the challenge of ending a destructive band of evil corporations, set out to destroy the...
  2. TheCliffStudios

    3D to 2.5D Gameplay

    So I've been experimenting with 2.5D transitions in my 3D Sonic Game engine, I've always found the seamless transition from 3D to 2D and back a very impressive part of the boost formula games. Naturally, It's a difficult thing to design so I'd like to discuss how such a system should work, by...
  3. Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild, a small demonstration of Sonic with 2.5D graphics, made from scratch in the Godot engine