SAGE 2022 - Complete Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit

Honestly I can't say much since I haven't played the original Gamegear game, but from what I have seen and played, it's pretty damn good and I can't wait to see the completed product.
This game mostly succeeds at doing what it wants to be - a S3&K-like game. The visuals are very well done, the game probably never breaks Genesis limitations at all, the music is good, even turning the rather annoying prototype Knuckles theme into a slightly nice theme, the controls work properly, the game works as it's supposed to.
However, there are some problems...
-The insta-shield is entirely missing, instead replaced with the drop-dash, not even the one from the S3 Prototype, which makes the otherwise S3&K-feeling game feel... oddly uncanny.
-The first miniboss and boss pretty much lack any sort of danger - the first midboss can be hit even from the side no matter what, essentially turning it into this game's equivalent of the motobug boss from Sonic Chaos (8-bit). The first boss has only one attack and is very easy to hit, making it rather slow and boring.
-The badniks and obstacles in the first zone can't really hurt you much - most of them have small range and can be ignored entirely.
Overall, this is a good game and I'll definitely be waiting for the full version, and the amount of effort that went into making this feel into a legitimate Genesis game is astounding.
I'm stunned for words how great of an idea this is! And how well you've executed this idea so far!


-nostalgia from playing this on sonic gems collection
-hearing all the old songs converted to 16-bit is wonderful!
-that ac2 remix for turquoise zone tho :O
-bosses for this are fun and engaging
-tails is so helpful during bosses hitting them and collecting rings
-dropdash and homing attack is always welcome!

it honestly feels like I'm playing Sonic 3 DLC. it's that good! [expect special stage, it isn't there yet in terms of presentation]

You guys should chat with the devs of 'sonic chaos' project. Maybe they've got some good notes and tips to help with your project!

I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this game!
Cons: I'm not an eccentric millionaire who can privately fund the development of the full game.

Pros: Literally everything else.

Like, heck. Sorry for the utter lack of constructive feedback, but you've absolutely nailed it here. These four stages manage to capture the very essence of Classic Sonic at the series most fluid, explorable, and fun. Couldn't put it down until I was finished it. Keep up the incredible work.
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it's just very beautiful the game can imitate all the limitations of the mega drive and the adaptation was very good and the new boss of knuckles is very good, but man I honestly prefer the last demo, you took the prologue part of the sonic triple trouble just not comes up more and the new bonus stage aesthetics are bad I much prefer the old one over the new one but apart from all that the game is nice but you got some cool stuff from the old 2020 demo

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The Opening Prologue was cut from this demo to make the pace of the demo quicker. But will be back in the final game. Weird flex but ok.
huh ok 👍 but still weird
I really love what's here so far! Fast-paced level design with interesting gimmicks and wonderful spritework.
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