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Sonic Skies

Project Overview

Dr.Robotnik has set up camp on the mysterious North Side Isle, which is home to powerful crystals that he plans to use to power his latest doomsday device. It's up to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to send the evil doctor packing.

Abilities : Sonic - Super Peel-Out (Hold Up and press the Jump Button)
Insta-Shield (Press the Jump Button while in the air)
Drop Dash (Hold the Jump Button while in the air)
Tails - Fly (Repeatedly press the Jump Button while in the air)
Knuckles - Glide (Hold the Jump Button while in the air)
Climb (Press the Jump Button while near a wall)

Change Log 1 : 8/25/2018 - Removed the loud fan sound from Withering Waterway. (Didn't mean to have it play)

I hope you guys will enjoy this demo. If you have any criticisms, questions, or have an interest in the project, feel free to join the Discord Server.
Server Link :

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

Note 1 : Paradise Panic's mini-boss is incomplete. It was supposed to move back and forth and drop when the player got underneath(similar to Spring Yard Zone's boss), but I simply didn't have enough time to finish it.
Note 2 : Withering Waterway's background is incomplete, and it doesn't have a mini-boss, which is why the last checkpoint is in a weird spot.


Creator : LowPolyPixels
Sprites : Sega, Shinbs, Dolphman, LakeFeperd, Hexagonal, WinstonTheEchidna, TheGoku7729, and LowPolyPixels.
Music : Sega, Tee Lopes, and Turret 3471.
Extra Credits : Ice (He made the Angel Island Ramp), Yonatankr (He made the vine gimmick), and LakeFeperd (He made the base Drop Dash code).
Help : Members of Hedge Land (Thank you so much!)

Latest reviews

It's alright. The clean visuals and everything needed for a level is all there, and it's been put together really cleanly and nicely. The first level feels a little too empty though, lacking enemies and has very confusing paths at times.
The second level was a lot better, specially the visuals and use of the gimmicks, but still feels a bit empty. I assume the spike motobug has it check if the Yspeed is lower than 0 to hurt you, which is a bad way of doing it, seeing as the Spring Yard Zone badniks could be destroyed on the head in the right spot, and that I got hurt by trying to glide through them. Try placing a sensor instead.
And also Kuckles's jump height is higher than it should be.
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I really dug this one. It played solidly, and had a lot of well-considered routes for Tails and Knuckles to explore and be rewarded for. Lots of touches to the sprite art too, to give it a more unique look. Probably my favorite "traditional" Sonic game that I've played this SAGE!

If I had to nitpick anything, it's that the first zone boss was a little wimpy (I didn't even get to see what it did before defeating it), and some of the loops get pretty thin on the sides.

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Found it tonight and it's really awesome! 10/10!
I love the Lakefeperd vibes on this game, i can't wait for more, but, need more work on the engine.


The best fan made classic sonic game i've played yet. Gorgeous and works well, along with good level design makes it amazing. I'd love to help but I have extremely little experience with making games.
This is a very cute and promising classic sonic game. It felt great to play and its only real flaw is being too short so I look forward to any further progress that may be made. I also really loved the choice of music, especially that level complete song. ;D

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