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Welcome to Sonic Rush 3D!
A 3D reimagining of the fan favorite 2D platformer, Sonic Rush!

Run, Jump, Slide, and Boost with style through this demo of Apotos/Water Palace.


You might be wondering, "Why include Apotos in Rush 3D?" Well, some theories suggest that Water Palace takes place IN Apotos, so we decided to take that to the max!

Only Sonic is playable as of right now, but eventually, Blaze will be playable as well.

Version 0.2 (QoL Update):

We've listened to your feedback and made a quality of life update with the following features:
- Homing Attack buffed
- Tutorial Hints added
- Main Menu & Options Menu added
- Water chase nerfed
- Spindash added
- Physics tweaks
- Tricking buffed
- Ending sequence tweaked
- Tension Gauge more accurate to Rush now
- 2D sections (with actual 2d gameplay)
- Level design tweaks
- HD and Bit-crushed music toggle

(Note: Keyboard support and Direct-Input controls are still in development so it's recommended to play this game with an Xbox Controller)



When going off Dash Ramps and Rainbow Rings, tricking DRASTICALLY increases the Tension Gauge. You'll mainly be using this as your method to fill that up. HOWEVER. You have to "Finish" your chain of tricks. Failing to do so will make you unable to collect any of the boost that you may have earned. Rings and destroying Enemies will also be a method of gaining Tension, albeit, less than in past games.

Don't forget the additional moves you can do while tricking! Hitting the Left Trigger will give you a boost upwards, allowing for more tricks, and the Right Trigger will send you flying foward.

(Note: It's highly recommended to play this game with an Xbox Controller.)


Default Controls:
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Camera Control
A - Jump/Airdash/Homing Attack
X - Boost/Airboost
B - Crouch/Slide
Y - Trick/Lightspeed Dash
RB/LB - Trick Finish/Switch Rails/Quickstep
LT - Drift/Double Jump: Boosts you upward (While Tricking)
RT - Drift/Hurricane kick: Flies you foward (While Tricking)



Project Directors:


Programming Team:

Modeling/Animation Team:

Art Team:

Music Team:

Beta Testing:

Special Thanks to >>>
FieryExplosion (Sprites)
GamefreakDX (Sprites)

Latest reviews

This game is a breath of fresh air! I love the Sonic Rush games and the models are incredible! I am excited for Blaze (maybe she could have a double jump/homing attack instead of an air-dash/homing attack and a hover instead of a stomp). Ireally like the idea of combining Apotos and Water Palace! I think you struck the perfect balance of boost available in this update (tricks can give you a lot of boost energy when used correctly and you actually have to think about how much boost energy you have). One of my main complaints would be that the drift was kind of hard to use and it felt unresponsive. This game is a blast and I can't wait to see more of it! Hopefully Shadow could even make a playable appearance in the future (maybe he could have an upward diagonal chaos snap dash instead of a stomp).
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how can i download
do you have anything that can download ZIP files?
wait wait wait, just get BreeZip
I gotta say, this is a project that has caught my eye the most during SAGE. This looks really promising, and I fairly enjoyed my time when I initially played the 0.1v a few days ago. There were plenty of issues, but I generally overlooked them as I understood that this was a WIP.
With the 0.2 update, almost every problem I initially had was fixed, and in a surprisingly fast amount of time. I am currently stuck with PC controls, which dampens the experience a bit, but not enough to make me dislike the game as a whole. Can't wait to see what's in store for this ambitious project!
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Couldnt play the game, i really want to play this but this keeps popping up


ya you should probably do that
ya you should probably do that
how did you download this game


Great job on this game! I love how you guys managed to transition Rush's mechanics and graphic style into 3D so well. The only issue right now is that I found myself suffering a lot of unfair deaths. I basically had to learn from trial and error when to use the boost and when not to, because hitting it at the wrong time would cause me to clip through a wall or go flying off the course. But otherwise, very well done and I can't wait to see more of this fangame in the future!
this has a future, of course, while it is average, but I will wait for full versions of this project
Dunno why but this completely crashes then resets my pc whenever I press start. Any ideas? I've got the most recent drivers.
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Dunno why but this completely crashes then resets my pc whenever I press start. Any ideas? I've got the most recent drivers.
Weirdly, I tried again but it worked this time... I think it had to do with me messing with NVidia's settings with the control panel. Welp.
Found this while trying different things out You might wanna remove collision there or something. So far, the game has a lot of potential and the first level was a lot of fun. I like how the "trick system" was implemented and I wasn't sure about having to "finishing them" at first but I quickly learned it and had a ton of fun. I always liked the 3D models from the status screen in Rush so it was fun to see you use them this way. I can't wait to play more of this in the future!
I simply just couldn't finish the Stage, the last spring throws me into the water, and even if I try to correct the course, it's impossible. The gameplay looks good, but homing attack is everyone said... the Game tries to take many elements of Sonic Unleashed and forgets what it's trying to be: Rush 3d. The level design is unfortunately bad, there are many death pits, i mean... Rush also have a LOT, but this doesn't mean you must do the same, because death pits are a BIG problem in dimps games

About the level design, you have to take multiple alternative routes, maybe taking the Generations or Sonic Colors formula with invisible walls on the sides of the stage, i dunno... Just don't make the player lose lives by having a hole below him, don't put a homing attack session without having anything below, Unleashed did that, and it's bad... Use this for alternate routes, not a obligatory ''do it or die'' session. Also, the background of the scene being so pixelated is quite ugly, I would strongly recommend using a simple skybox from the game itself, it makes it look like it's an extremely low resolution compared with the models. (Any grammatical mistakes in the text, sorry, I'm still working on English.🙏)
Hi, from what I saw in some youtube videos the game looks incredible, but could you get a 32-bit version? because I really have an incredible desire to play this game. Att Lax
So, I have a few things i want to say. First, the gameplay of this is pretty fun. Sonic Rush 3d is basically something like Sonic unleashed or Generations, and considering the gameplay of Rush, or Colors DS, that fits well I feel. I do know from a comment that the spindash will be added, which is also nice.

Graphics? Those are pretty neat. Something about the low res DS graphics with 3d does like charming somehow. And the same can be said for the music including a light Apotos in it. I also like how this demo did the transition from Apotos to Water Palace.

Downsides? Even when you do know how to gain boost, there are still a few times where it feels gaining boost can be hard to do. The section where you run from water needs a boost prompt or something to tell you need to boost there. The quickstep. Need I say more? The quickstep feels like Sonic is being yanked by a rope rather than him doing a swift side step. And because of that, it's possible to spam it and gain speed easily on flat terrain.

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