sonic rush

  1. Sonic Game Alpha: Project Rush Alpha

    Demo Sonic Game Alpha: Project Rush Alpha

    This Project about Alpha Sonic Fan Game to free play stage from the Closed Project Sshaders Configuration Tool 2021 Choice Six Stage Skins: Review Video Green Hill Zone Seaside Hill Zone (Ocean View) Forest Falls Zone (Sonic Rivals: Dash) Water Palace (Sonic Rush) Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed)...
  2. Sonic Rush 3D (Sage 2021)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Rush 3D (Sage 2021)

    Welcome to Sonic Rush 3D! A 3D reimagining of the fan favorite 2D platformer, Sonic Rush! Run, Jump, Slide, and Boost with style through this demo of Apotos/Water Palace. You might be wondering, "Why include Apotos in Rush 3D?" Well, some theories suggest that Water Palace takes place IN...
  3. Sonic & Blaze

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic & Blaze

    Welcome the the SAGE 2021 demo release of Sonic & Blaze! Originally designed to be a 2D Sonic Adventure 3 (which you can see remnants of if you look at the save file name), when I resumed development I wanted to turn this into something more Sonic Rush inspired with some aspects of the 3D games...
  4. Sonic Momentum (Alpha Release)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Momentum (Alpha Release)

    ABOUT: Sonic Momentum is a fan-game aimed to inject new ideas into the existing 2D Sonic franchise and create a new, fun, and interactive way to play. This demo (although short) is meant to present these base ideas to further expand upon them in the future. Currently, there is no story, multiple...
  5. Coderman64

    [Godot] Modern 2D Sonic Engine (WIP)

    FLOW ENGINE - Super beta (because flow is a synonym of rush and I'll come up with a better name later) A Rush/Advance-styled 2D sonic engine. I built this engine a while ago when attempting to learn how to use Godot Engine. Today, I dig it up out of the mothballs to ask you folks if I should...
  6. Sonic Cascade

    Sonic Cascade

    Sonic Cascade is a fan game inspired by games such as Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed. The main focus of the game is on action and adventure! #action #adventure #fangame Join our discord server:
  7. Project Butterfly

    Project Butterfly

    Taking heavy inspiration from Jet Set Radio and also Sonic Rush, Project Butterfly (working title) is an open-ended, super fast-paced 2D platformer set in a futuristic world of strange, insect-like people. Take the role of several members of the local gang and shower the city in graffiti art...
  8. Sonic Forces: Battle

    Sonic Forces: Battle

    Sonic Forces: Battle is a game based on Sonic Battle where you can play as a whole variety of Sonic characters and battle a whole variety of Sonic characters. The game currently includes eleven playable characters, and fourteen playable stages from various Sonic games. Synopsis: Oh no! Eggman...
  9. Sonic Rush (DS) Vocal Pack

    Sonic Rush (DS) Vocal Pack

    A collection of voice samples from Sonic Rush
  10. Sonic Metal Adventure (Sage 2018 demo)

    Sonic Metal Adventure (Sage 2018 demo)

    Welcome to Sonic Metal Adventure! a 2D platformer similar to Sonic Rush with Dreamcast era graphics and music. MEDIAFIRE LINK: metal adventure SAGE Includes: 2 playable characters with their own abilities. 4 levels for Sonic. 1...