SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Adventure 2D


Sonic Adventure, but its 2D. This Game is a recreation of Sonic Adventure however it feels as if it was on the Genesis / MegaDrive. Introducing new and original zones to tie the loose ends that was filled with cutscenes in the real game. download (2).png download (3).png download (4).png download (5).png download (6).png download (8).png download (9).png download (7).png download (1).png



Future. Emerald Coast is out now! Act 2 is coming shortly and then a boss act, Ill take a break afterward.


Credit to @Nitrofastgaming02 for the many level sprites and sonic art

Credit to @DaBestUsa for the item box sprites

Credit to Christian Whitehead for the Egg TV sprites

Credit to @Brain52 for the engine

Credit to SEGA co. & Sonic Team for creating the Blue Blur.\

Credit to JX on for the menu music

Credit to Daimen the Bat on the Spriters Resource for the Chaos 0 Sprites

(This Color is Spriter's Resource)

(This Color Is YT)

(This Color is SEGA and others who made official Sonic titles)

(This color is Scratch)

Latest reviews

hey, the sonic adventure in 2d!? , This I did not expect, but I like it, you just need to work more on the game and it will possibly be one of my favorites of this sage.
An impassable game, but I was surprised to see the first level in this form for playing in the browser!
Idk why but the game bugged out when i finshed the first act. But the first act was pretty good.
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ok so act 1 is possible, It just bugs out. To prevent it, try jumping right as the transition from act 1 to 2 ends. if it doesn't work, try again
it didn't bug out on me, but I was just jumping around like an idiot after I beat the first act and it went into the second act no problem


Just a heads up. You can glitch through the floor once act 2 loads in, to prevent it. I suggest jumping right as the title card vanishes from the screen.

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