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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic: Lock & Load

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Sonic: Lock & Load is a hyper-fast, action packed first-person shooter based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games and built on GZDoom.

It draws inspiration from Sonic games, as well as titles like Sonic Robo Blast 2, ULTRAKILL and DOOM Eternal. It also features elements from other GZDoom mods and retro FPS games.

Sonic: Lock & Load is not fully completed yet, and development is progressing slowly. However, it aims to provide an extremely fun and thrilling experience reminiscent of old-school shooters, as well as their modern-day revivals.

DOOM II IWAD required. You can buy DOOM II on Steam or use Freedoom: Phase 2.

Sonic: Lock & Load v1.4 "Horizons" is on its way! Can't wait for it, and sick of the Final Final Demo?
If you don't mind unfinished stuff, you can go ahead to the GitHub repository and download the most recent bleeding edge version, then run with GZDoom and have fun!
  • ZIP download method, no updates - Select "Code" and "Download ZIP", then rename to Sonic-LockandLoad-edge.pk3
  • Git clone method, can update - Install Git and run git clone To update, just run git pull.

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    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic is the fastest character in Sonic: Lock & Load, with super high mobility and a multitude of ways to get around the environment, both on the ground and in the air.
    Sonic focuses mostly on super fast action, and his weapons are balanced around the high speeds he can reach.
    A lot of his weapons and movement skills can be tied together for high speed and fast action gameplay.

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    Amy Rose

    Amy controls similarly to Sonic, but she can't move around in the air as easy as he can.
    Her weapons, however, pack a huge punch, and are centred a lot more around precision than Sonic's more high-velocity balanced weapons.

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    Classic Sonic

    Classic Sonic is designed for people who prefer platforming, and don't necessarily want to focus on FPS combat that much.
    His weapons are simply faster-firing versions of standard DOOM weapons, so there isn't much weapon variety with him.
    He can't double jump, unlike everyone else, and he has a Bounce Attack instead of a Slam Attack.
    You could consider him SRB2 Sonic in Sonic: Lock & Load.

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    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Shadow nearly controls exactly the same as Sonic, but he can't jump off of walls, and has a completely different Homing Attack.
    His Chaos Snap gives him the ability to teleport around the level, so he can reach places or skip certain platforming sections he normally wouldn't be able to.
    His weapons are the most powerful in the game, but use up the most energy.
    Shadow's combat is a lot simpler than the rest of the cast, and doesn't have nearly as much depth as Sonic's, but he can typically get through most combat encounters easier than everyone else.
More character info can be found on the Sonic: Lock & Load website.

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