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Sonic Galactic - SAGE 2020 Showcase Demo

This is way past cool! The level design works really well in the way that it trains the player how to work with each character's strengths and weaknesses. The story I've seen from Twitter and the home page looks promising and I can't wait to see it unfold. The addition of Fang and this new character, Tunnel, encourages exploring all routes to find the best flow. The bosses so far have the right amount of challenge keeps the gameplay interesting and not giving the player a frustrating or dull experience. I can't wait to get my hands on the full version of this game when it's finished!
IT had great pixel art but really bad momentum its okay though.
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i didnt like the game why he have so many sprites that came from other sonic games.
dude, who hurt you
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this is just amazing!! cant wait for full game :D
the game is amazing but its on demo still
This game is fantastic!! The game has so much potential. I saw some leaks on Twitter and the game looks very fantastic! I would pay to play, can't wait for the next demo/full game
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Same, the game looks so polished and Tunnel looks awesome!!! Only problem is kind of hard to play with keyboard, but I can get used to that. 10/10 across the board.
Absolutely fantastic. Probably one of the best Sonic 2D Fan games you will find. Great cast of characters and all of their abilities are fun to use. Fantastic artwork and level design.

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So good. no idea why but I like the 2 levels shown more than mania
This is a fantastic Sonic fan game; everything about it is amazing. I love the music; the character selection is great! Love the art style controls were great just a very smooth game overall and I would love to see more of this game in the future highly recommend This is amazing you should defiantly give it a chance you will not regret it at all and I would defiantly do a full gameplay if there is going to be a full version of the game in the coming future.
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The best sonic fan game i've ever played. I Love almost everything about this game! The animation, The art, The music and the levels are so good! I can't wait till the full game comes out and wish everyone who worked on this good luck. also it would be really cool i fyou added mighty and ray. You did a really good job!
So I was told my cousin was working on this game and that demo of it was out and that I should play it and give some feed back so that's what I'm here for. I'm not trying to complain about anything since it is just a demo so things can be changed this is just supposed to help make the game the best it can be. I also tested the game multiple times to make sure what I'm saying is correct.

1. I feel like Sonic should be faster as he is now he is the worst character to choose as every other character is just as fast as sonic yet they all have abilities on top of being just as fast as Sonic which considering the game is named after him is not good.

2. There is a bug in the game where if you die and respawn at a checkpoint the timer get's reset to zero instead of continuing where you left off.

3. Tunnel (Dig the mole) is a bit broken with him being able to tunnel into into both the ceiling and the walls. It breaks a lot of the platforming as you can just tunnel and jump up insane heights skipping the platforming entirely making him an easy pick for best character.

4. The bosses are pitifully easy. The worm takes about 3 hits before he scampers towards you but you can just roll at him and finish him off before he even reaches the other side of the screen and I once was only able to hit him twice but then I just pass straight through him as he reaches the other side of the screen. Eggman is just a joke with you being able to attack him both while he is one the ground and in the air. Perhaps it be a good idea to only be able to hit him when he is in the air and having to dodge him while he is recharging on the ground to make him more challenging but still have him feel like a first boss.

The rest of the game however is made really well. The art gives the same feeling mania did and the animations are extremely clean but tunnel can sticks out a bit when looking at every character side by side but maybe that's just me. The platforming is also done well but makes Sonic feel even worse when playing other character. The music is definitely one of my favorites but I get the impression they loop to quickly and it can get annoying if you want to explore the level a bit longer also.

I hope this helps and the rest of the game will be just as fun as the demo was to play. (why does the options menu not work tho.)
I completely agree with your point on Sonic's speed. It's always struck me as unusual that every character has identical velocity and acceleration. Perhaps Lilac, you could increase Sonic's top speed or accel value slightly, or even add a Peel-Out to actually make Sonic faster.
This game was very fun, I love all the playable characters and how they play differently, the level design, the gameplay, the art. This is a really good fangame and I cant wait for more. ^w^
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How do I download the game
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Overall, nigh-perfect, just with a few glitches here and there, like on slopes and things like that. There was also a game-crashing bug that happened when I paused on the first screen of act two.

But one last nit-pick: Tunnel's brown color kind of stands out due to him having the only reasonable shade in the cast. Might I suggest swapping the green and the brown in his design to make him look more like a real-deal Sonic character?
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i think it might be better
Excellent animations, beautiful colors, movement that feels just as good as mania, and all the playable characters are excellent additions. I feel that f more levels are added, they need a bit more verticality and also the bosses are a bit too easy. However, this game is extremely fun and looks great.
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I agree! I can't wait until there's more than just the first level!
This will be my first review of a Sonic fangame.

I played this game after SAGE 2020 and gotta say I am in love with this game due to its art style, gameplay, and new additions of characters that honestly fit in the Sega Saturn game.

The gameplay is simple yet straightforward for the beginner's level, as it utilizes some of the character's ability, unique enemies (i.e. the enemy that shatters the bridge), and multiple pathways. The new gimmick no one talks about is the vine that moves a character in a slingshot matter. The mid-boss and Eggman boss are actually challenging but not too hard, with the Eggman being one of the most interesting bosses I saw and it's simple (though I think it kinda hard for new players). My only complaint to me is the Combi Ring which didn't show the strange blue ring for some reason.

Fang the Sniper: Fang is a pretty nice addition to the team, not having been playable since Sonic the Fighters (though I never played that game either). His ability is to use a pistol that not only double jumps when pressing the Jump twice but also damages enemies which I was intriguing with. Overall, pretty fun character with some funny end clear animation.

Tunnel the Mole: This new character from the roster is actually pretty fun to use and broken (even though I never saw how broken it was). What I mean is his ability to cling on top of any block as long as it is nearby and he can simply dash when unsling which is a very unique thing since no other character can do that. Though this character was a bit struggle for me, it was definitely fun to visit this character.

Overall, the art style is what you expected from a fangame, and it's pretty neat how it represents the Sega Saturn graphics (such as Sonic appearance in Sonic 3D Blast). I also like the new character designs (particularly Tails' idle animations), it fits pretty well with the aesthetics and the zone itself.
The title screen is so clean like Sonic Mania and the main menu is such beautiful though I wish that the Options menu is open (but it's a fangame so).
The music is just better in this game and it's like a combination of Sonic Mania and CD at its best, and my favorite soundtrack from this game is Midnight (Trailer theme) and Tropicano (Verdant Isle Zone Act 2).

Overall, this is the game that I was not hyped for when I became a Sonic fangame but this game is beautiful, it plays well, and I was surprised that it was developed over 3 years ago. So naturally, this game has great additional characters and soundtrack that I was very happy to come back after SAGE. I give this one 9.6 / 10 for me.
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I Love playing Sonic galactic especialy Sonic,Fang and Tunel i hope next demo comes soon.
simply sonic mania 2
The games amazing, it's super fun to play. The first level is clearly a tutorial level and does a great job showing you how to play. I encountered one glitch, though. When using Fang's pop gun, you can hit broken monitors forever, thus giving infinite rings and lives.
The game is excellent! very well done, but what is the song that plays in the credits?
Viewpoint Credits Theme: Mes Volutes Bleus
I just finished playing both acts with all the characters. And I must say, I can't wait to see the full game. The graphics are excellent, the level design and music are very good too. I actually didn't expect to see the Drop Dash, but I really like it, and I love the gameplay of Fang and Tunnel, it's very original and very well implemented. You guys are doing an excellent job, keep it up!
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Alguien que me diga dónde está el enlace del juego
I love this game! It's the true Sonic 4 when it's complete. You may say Sonic Mania is the true Sonic 4, but this game follows the triagly's tradition of a new character. They are both god tier though.
Review: I love this game I love playing as Tunnel. He has shortcuts that make you feel like speedrunner but there's no possible way I can speedrun. The 1st zone is very good in level design. The the sprites are very good. I can't wait for this to be finished.
That's it bye.
Where u link download?
its on the right
Great game so far; good music, amazing sprite work and a warm welcoming presentation. Galactic has spot-on physics and provides us with some clear, polished level design that lets you pinball through the level with varied, geometric structures like the classics. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all function as expected. (Quick Knuckles nitpick, the proportions on his head sprites tend to abruptly change sizes, which looks weird during gameplay)

The new character Tunnel The Mole has a nice, fully realized design that keeps it simple. You can really see the 90's Sonic Team influences that don't look out of place next to the established cast.

Tunnel continues the tradition of characters having a species-specific ability tailored towards gameplay (for Sonic 1 it was Sonic curling into a ball, for Chaotix on the 32X it was Espio sticking to walls and Charmy's quick flight, and finally Mania Plus's Mighty having shell armour and Ray's glide ability), and having paths exclusive to his digging ability is a cool way to utilize him based on that criteria. The cool thing about his wall/ceiling jumps is that, in addition to being able to navigate levels in a fun new way, it's also basically Mighty's Hammer Drop but better because it PRESERVES MOMENTUM when landing on sloped terrain; It's really fun to pull off.

Fang is a cool addition as well, having his pop gun function as a chargeable double jump and an attack is a clever way to implement him into a playable role. Everything looks solid and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.
the game doesnt work for me.when I launch it . a black window apperirs
Pls help
Love goes all around for this game! Bringing back fang was one thing but ORIGINAL BOSSES? unheard of and background adapting to a sunset in act 1? you guys are making sonic game mechanics unique.

adding a story and options menu is a minior gripe from me.
Quotes from my friend includes;
"only issue i have is that i have to press the stick directly down to spin dash, instead of a 45 degree angle at the bottom but thats an easy fix"
"a tad easy, but its the first zone"

i give a 4 star because there are some other gripes such as the mole OC kinda being hard to use for a game with speed, maybe make the mole crawl fast while digged in? also because i can't edit controls yet [but thank you so much for adding controller support i love you]
still a really good game tho don't let my criticism get you down.
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My interest is in making the movesets a One-Off deal that doesn't force momentum being cut out, or doesn't get complicated. It's also to be only useful as a move to use in air. This is modeled after what style is adapted for the classic moves. This and being able to shoot while on ground (ala SRB2) being useless in 2D is why I personally have no interest in going that direction.
Does anybody know how to play in fullscreen?
SuperSonicDez9 I scoured the internet for an answer and couldn't find one, so I button mashed until I figured it out; it's F4. Hit F4 and it'll fullscreen.