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Sonic Freedom (Alpha Preview)



*The intent of this demo is promotional purposes only*

This is not the state I would have liked to release the game in, nor is it representative of the final quality I would like the game to be played in. That being said, recently, the main programmer behind this build, the talented MarmitoTH, decided to amicably leave the development of Sonic Freedom. The idea with releasing this early build is to generate more interest in the project and hopefully welcome a new programmer onto the team. If you're interested in becoming the next programmer for Sonic Freedom, please contact tripplejaz through Twitter (links provided below in credits section) or email your interest, along with experience, at [email protected]

I'm fully aware of many jarring issues with the current build. Visuals are sparse or cluttered, level design is poor, the camera is not entirely functional the way I'd like it to be, and the Bullet Dash remains a source of debate among those who have played it. Please keep criticisms focused, as many people have shared their thoughts and most have already resonated with me and I agree with. I am hesitant to release the game in this state, but I think it will be to the benefit of the project's future development to do so.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the small slightly off-kiltered slice of the game.

The game is built in Unity on MarmitoTH's free to use, open source 2D engine called the Freedom engine, built precisely for this project and released for the public to use. You can find details about it here.

Email inquiries: [email protected]
Twitter: @SonicFreedom_

Bring Sonic into the modern era of 2D platformers with faithful recreation of momentum based gameplay, drawing on mechanical and level design inspiration from recent metroidvania titles like “Hollow Knight” and “Ori and the Blind Forest,” coupled with an aesthetic grounded in 90s anime as seen in the Sonic CD Toei anims and the “Sonic the Hedgehog” OVA.

Jump = Spacebar
Curl/Uncurl (airborne) = Spacebar
Curl/Uncurl (grounded) = Up/Down while moving
Bullet Dash (airborne) = X
Up + Jump = Peelout (ground)
Down + Jump = Spindash (ground
Quit = Alt + F4



09/28/20 - Alpha 1.1 comes with updated visuals, tweaked physics, improved Bullet Dash and dynamic camera
MAC version now available!

Win Mirror

MAC Mirror


Director / Art :


Michael Staple

Additional art help: Lange, Spazer

Latest reviews

this game seems cool but i cant play it because the only resolution is to big for my computer monitor and so i cant play it hopefully when another version comes out there is more options for the size
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THIS GAME LOOKS AND FEELS PHENOMENAL, and I only have a few issues.

1. The bullet dash is a genius concept, but I wish you could aim with the mouse instead of WASD because holding x and then aiming is difficult, especially aiming diagonal.

2. I wish there was a way for me to map the Spin-dash to shift. it being the same button as jump isn't ideal.

3. When you stand on a slope, instead of rolling down, you just get stuck and can no longer move, until you jump away.

4. General collision issues.

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how do i play it i install it alot but it no work i am 9 years old o
Xavi the hedgehog
how do you get it
i want x64 version!!!!!
I LOVE THIS. I mean, it's super short, but as a demo I loved just running around and feeling it out. I think there's a lot of potential here and I'd love to see a full game with this movement. The art style, that's what got me in. The Sonic CD intro is my favorite intro of any game ever and I reference it in my stream intro/channel trailer. I adore this art style and loved the feel of the movement. I played this as part of most recent birthday stream and I really can't wait to see what's to come in the future of Sonic Freedom.
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There is no option to NOT tripple map your controls and all the axis-s are mixed up, so all that this game is is watching sonic headbang. 10/10
It's beautiful. I've been looking at this for five hours now.

On a more serious note, I really like what I'm seeing so far. The hand-drawn design is great and the controls work great. I really hope you can find someone to help finish this out because I'd love to see the final product at some point.

As far as the bullet dash goes, I kind of like it. It's a unique mechanic I've never seen before, and it works well with the level design. I'd honestly hate to try completing the game without it.
View attachment 9729Um I found a glitch idk how I did it.
i think i know, if you end up doing a false double jump (starting the air dash and hit a wall cround or roof makes the air dash cancel) if you do a false double jump on a slope that makes your sprite tilt, the game will bug thinking you shooted yourself on ground, and thaat sprite becames the normal ground sprite,so when you step in one slope, itwilll tilt the same number of frames, while already being tilted, just do a ininterrupted air dash, it will fix the sprite
hey i found this bug when i exactly touched the ground but at the same time gave an air-dash and the collisions bugged,I don't know which part of the map this happened because this map is sooooo big and my sense of location is horrible haha, but other than that the game is perfect continue this incredible game :D
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Hey, just a quick note: There's a v-sync issue that makes the background look like it's breaking apart, so can you please fix that? Oh, and it also only happens in fullscreen.

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