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hand drawn

  1. Jump the Shark

    Demo Jump the Shark

    You've read the books! Now play the game. It's no secret that Jump the Shark is heavily inspired by certain characters that run around and curl into spikey balls. But this year I've begun making an actual game with the character.
  2. Personal Space

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Personal Space

    Personal Space is the only roguelike action RPG all about avoiding others. Your only offense is a solid defense! Equip yourself with a variety of stat upgrades, familiars, and abilities to keep enemies at bay. Dodge your way through dozens of randomly selected room layouts, survive until time...
  3. Sonic Freedom (Alpha Preview)

    Sonic Freedom (Alpha Preview)

    DISCLAIMER: THIS BUILD DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL VISION FOR THIS GAME *The intent of this demo is promotional purposes only* This is not the state I would have liked to release the game in, nor is it representative of the final quality I would like the game to be played in. That being...
  4. Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

    Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

    If you came here looking for AS2R, please note that this is an old and out of date version. The newest demo has it's own booth for SAGE 22! You can find it HERE! This project was born from my love of Sonic, animation and my fascination with the Master System version of Sonic 2. It was my first...