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Sonic 2.5

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Really great work on remaking the retro engine into Pico-8
This seams like a downgrade from Sonic 2, unless you mean Gamegear Sonic 2 then meh.
(If there was a half star system then this would be 2.5 stars [get it? 2.5?])


It was made by "BoneVolt" using Pico-8. He has been teasing images and progress for a while here:

I agree, it looks awesome. No need to even tack on the "given the limitations of the pico-8".
I tried downloading the demo for this game last night and my virus defender software claimed that there was a "trojan:Win32/Emali.A!cl" virus hiding in the game files. I don't know if this was a false positive or not but I figured I'd mention it in case the same happens to anyone else.
Hello man, I have an HP laptop with windows 10 and the demo detects as "dangerous or unwanted file". I don't know if it will be a problem with the demo. Fix it for the next one, and if you need it I can give more details, I know what it is to be an indie developer. :)

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