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Scratchin' Melodii - SAGE 2021 Demo

this game is so well made, i cant wait to see the finished thing. im also super curious if the modding scene will take off on this like fnf
how do you get on?
I just want to say that this is one of the best rhythm games I can think of in recent times
This shows incredible premise and I'm callin it now. Could be the next parappa!
You guys got style and rhythm, but can you stay on beat?

-This is hype and funky
-sounds on EVERYTHING, menus, msuic are all clean and robust
-the button layout options makes it super easy to play for different gamers
-3d models AND 2d animations are awesome! and the transitions and movement too. WOW!
-Cinnabay, more like Cinnababe because she is best girl and adorable! Hope to see more of her in story mode!
-the 'train wreck' voice overs are really cool!

-not enough people know about this game and should
-in 'grease poppin' the frame rate drops a bit after the 'come on kid lets fry a bit more'
-after you do a part in the song, the buttons don't disappear [until the next part comes in] which makes me think 'do I input that bit again or..'

I know you're probably gonna hate me for what I suggest but, you gotta make a friday night funkin mod for your main rappa as a way to advertise to other players. Advent Neon tried it and you already have the animations and backgrounds.

Best of luck for development guys and bust a leg! (or is that break a leg?)
I love this game! You really nailed the gameplay style, it’s always a pleasure to see freestyling as an option in rhythm games. The art is great, the music is great, the character designs are charming, it’s all wonderful!
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This game is amazing!!!

I've been a huge fan of Parappa the Rapper for ~6 years now, and this game is like a dream come true. It's everything I ever could've wanted in a Parappa successor, with even more to offer past that inspiration!

I love the characters so far; Melodii is an adorable lil' fella, Cinnabay and Biggie Cheesecake seem really cool even from the short stage we have with them, and it's a joy to watch Synthz just boppin' and being a chill dude!

The voices remind me of early Warioware voices in the best way possible, and the art mixes the charming and bubbly vibes of Parappa and Rhythm Heaven to create an awesome style of its own!

The gameplay takes the formula of Parappa and expands on it further, adding both record scratches using the analog stick as well as sections where you play alongside your opponent! These additions do add a bit of a learning curve coming from Parappa, and I have heard some people saying that the game is quite challenging for them. For me personally, I love that curve! It's so amazing to see something new in a game like this, I can't express how much I love it...

I only have a couple of negative things to say about the mechanics. For one, notes aren't previewed on your side if you aren't supporting the bar. This doesn't matter too much once you get used to it, but for someone more inexperienced, I can imagine this making things a lot harder on them. Also, there isn't any heads up before transitioning between repeating and supporting the bar. This isn't as much of a problem for the demo as there wasn't any situation where you had to support a bar right after it began, but it still tripped me up quite a few times while playing the songs for the first time. This isn't too hard to fix at all though. Making the bar flash pink before switching could easily remedy the issue.

I absolutely love Scratchin' Melodii!! This game, even with only 3 levels at the moment, is just amazing. So far, i've gotten A ranks in Cream Cheese Icing and Grease Poppin'. I can't wait to see the game grow, and if there's any way I can support it, I will! This game deserves all the love and praise it can get. 💖

Ps. LJ, is it cool if I make a Discord server for the game? From what I can tell, one doesn't exist as of now, and it'd be cool to have somewhere to talk about the game, show off scores, etc. as well as just being able to make emojis for me and others to use. Also, you're cool!
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LJ LephemStar
Thanks so much I'm glad you enjoyed it !! And I'm completely fine with you making a Discord server for it, have fun! :)
This game is super charming and adorable. The characters look expressive and distinct. I love the mixture of 2D and 3D art. And the music slaps, which is pretty important for a music game. I’ve had Grease Poppin’ stuck in my head days now.

In terms of the rhythm gameplay though, I was struggling when I started. I felt like too much was being thrown at me at once. Having to be ready to use all four face buttons and two shoulder buttons and the d-pad all while getting the timing down was overwhelming. I often ended up panicking and pressing the wrong buttons just to match the rhythm with something. Or I pressed the wrong button and tried to correct it with the right button, resulting in two wrong inputs and making me less ready for the next input. Sometimes that works out though, since that sort of “””improv””” can add to the Style score. I haven’t played any Parappa games, so a tutorial on how Style works might be warranted. Or maybe you want players to work that out themselves. Up to you.

Maybe reducing the number of buttons used would help, or there could be a mode where any face button and d-pad direction would work, as long as I match the rhythm, similar to Melody of Memory's one-button mode (simplifying the d-pad might take away from the DJ feeling, and I have no idea how simplifying buttons would work with the “buttons = lyrics” thing, so I’m not sure about this suggestion). More help for beginners would be appreciated.

Also, someone brought up in a YouTube comment that the voices can be hard to understand, especially since you can’t really look at the subtitles while focusing on the buttons. I love the how the voices sound, but maybe adding the lyrics up by the buttons like a sing-along would help?

As it is now, I'm going to keep practicing these songs so I can enjoy the wonderful music, characters, and aesthetic.
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This is an excellent and RAD game
the concept of bringing back Parappa the rapper to this day is a really funky idea
the songs are cool
character design is really great
and the gameplay still the same as Parappa but adding the support system made this game waaay better
but there is two little flaws

the first is the difficulty as a novice rythm game player i feel that the game is a little hard and the button type timing is really fast so i recommend a difficulty system from easy to hard so people can enjoy the game with there suitable gameplay style

and the second is the configuration since i have an AZERTY keyboard i need to change the setting to be more suitable with my keyboard since the game uses a QWERTY keyboard setting and im using a third party controller "the one with 1 2 3 4 as action buttons" so it better to have a general gamepad that works with any kind of controllers instead of just selecting a first party controller only setting

but still the great great can't wait for the full release to drop out who know maybe it becomes an indie hit next to Friday Night Funkin'
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Had to spend a few minutes doing the 'press random buttons on the keyboard' ritual to find out which buttons navigate between the menus but other than that WOW did this blow me away.
The animation is gorgeous, it just oozes style and groove. It's the perfect blend of Funkin's cartoony aesthetics and the Parappa's gameplay. The little Vocaloid(?) voice clips are just the cherry on top. I got obliterated several times but I managed to pump out a C and D on the two tracks.
Will be following this for sure.
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Aaa thanks !! Sorry, hadn't quite considered that keyboard users won't have the benefit of knowing which buttons to press by instinct haha, I'll try to make it more clear in the future!