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Sample Sonic Beta

I'm surprised by what you were able to accomplish using the basics of Simple Sonic Worlds, especially with cutscenes! You utilized the Chaotix tilesets well, but the level design was a bit jank (mainly spike placement being kind of mean at times) and the boss was a little slow. I did like the opening to the level, where you hit the ground and all your rings go everywhere, that was a great touch. Also, the last cutscene starts to loop on Angel Island falling over and over unless you hit enter. Other than that, this is surprisingly nice. Not sure why Mighty is shown though.
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Glad you liked it. Well, the main reason the game have bugs is that we actually rushed it, we will be making second beta with the second level and bugs fixed. And well, the Mighty showed actually because he will be in game but not now. Thank you for the review!
The game has decent put together stages in question of assets, specially the backgrounds, but object placement/stitching, not so much. Level design is also decent, it doesn't disappoint much but feels unnatural for a sonic game sometimes. The first level relies too much on moving platforms, springs, spikes and has no real gimmicks. I feel however, that the same level received an immense ammount of detail and work to make it so large and explorable.
I feel like it also lacks a sensor to make Knuckles unable to climb/fall off certain parts to avoid bugs, and Tails's tail does not hurt enemies as it should.
The game also keeps crashing at the second stage.