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Nights; Realm of Dreams

Project Overview

Nights: Realm of Dreams is a Tech Demo for a Nights game in full 3D. the game explores this concept with new elements to fit the 3rd dimension while keeping the core appeal of Nights Into Dreams. choose from 4 children of courage to help Nights Protect Nighttopia from the Nightmaren's chains.

this project will be continued after sage however please give me some feedback on this. weather it's the game's design, the art direction or funny glitches to exploit. report that the developer like a responsible Gamer. right?.... riiiiight??

(note that i will keep patching this game for the remainder of the Sage Event)​

Bonus Content

The SoundTrack can be found on SoundCloud


2D, 3D Artist and Programmer: Artendy (heroart110) Malik
Composer: Even Luck
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i like what you are doing, and i'm hoping to see you continue this project.
also great to see that you're using Unity!
if you happen to run into trouble, feel free to DM me, i *might* be able to help.
I have a few criticisms.

1. The camera. I feel like camera movement should have a vertical invert, not to mention it doesn't follow the character.
2. NiGHTS' flight. In my opinion, it should turn relative to the camera direction, not NiGHTS' direction.
3. The Paraloop doesn't pick up Blue Chips, that might be a good fix.

Otherwise, this is an interesting tech demo! It'll be interesting to see where it goes.
So far the game is especially rough around the edges, but don't let that stop you from working more on this and giving it all the polish and fixed coding it needs to achieve greatness.

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