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Loppy: Planet Hopper [DEMO]

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Loppy: Planet Hopper is a 2D platformer with a 16-bit in-game art style that takes inspiration from many classic 2D platformers from the '90s.​

The game takes place in a far-off solar system, named the "Primordian Solar System", inhabited by unique-looking aliens, who live in various themed planets (city planet, beach planet, prehistoric planet, etc).

The story revolves around a group of aliens, named Loppy, Evlie, Myah, and Studart, all of which work at a small bakery in "Primordia" (city planet), happily named the "GoGo Bakery".

One day, out of the blue, they get a phone call from a customer willing to give a large tip for them to retrieve a rare ingredient formerly known as the "Orbo Spice".​

Without taking a second to reconsider, Loppy & Co. rush out the door and onto a new adventure...​

Sometime later...

Loppy's little sister, Lili, and her reptilian-esque friend, Chamal, both return from school to find out that Loppy's livelihood is being threatened by two Rang Tang representatives, Plotz and Plumz, who both work for an evil corporation bent on taking over independent businesses (and thus the entire universe!) and plastering their mug on them.

They both give Lili a letter, written by their CEO, Magnush McBiggFiss, forcing her sister, and her friends, to fork over the beloved bakery/home!​

Will Loppy & Co. obtain this rare ingredient? Will Lili and Chamal be able to hold off the Rang Tang representatives for long enough?

... Well, hopefully they will!






There’s a ton of neat things featured in this 2D 16-Bit Sci-Fi inspired platformer, such as:

4 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS to choose from, each with unique abilities!
Jump, Smash, Spin or Glide your way to victory!

Ever felt like CONTROLLING OBJECTS with your mind? Well, NOW YOU CAN!
With the TELEKINESIS MECHANIC, you can attract (or repel) objects, and throw them at enemies, it's like a neat game of Dodgeball, really.

Gather PASTRIES to gain powers!
During a level, you might come across certain Pastries, you can eat them to gain powers, or you can combine TWO OF THEM and gain even more POWERFUL abilities!

Up to 3 PLAYERS can join in for a fun MULTIPLAYER experience!
Help Loppy & Co. gather collectibles like Coins and Gem Medals, place Platforms to assist the Player in reaching hard-to-reach areas or use Bombs to defeat enemies! (Or... if you're feeling mischievous, use them to prank the main player!)

Files labeled as (Windows) contain game files meant to work with Windows computers, and files labeled as (Other OS) contain files meant to work on every other OS (Including Windows) using the LÖVE executable.​

Like any good game developer, I'm always on the lookout for anything messed up in my projects, so, if you've found a bug, glitch, or any of the sort in this DEMO, don't hesitate to report it to me through e-mail ([email protected])!​

I'm always focused on making my projects the best they can be!

✨That being said, hope you enjoy this DEMO as much as I enjoyed making it! ✨
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Latest reviews

A very good indie platformer! Controls and level design were solid, really good visuals, and fun character designs!

I would recommend making the character special moves be instantaneous, and perhaps mapped to a single button, since having to stop and charge them can break the flow of a level. I do not think this would lower the difficulty by much, since the many sections of levels have ceilings and are constantly changing elevation, so mindless special-move spamming would not get the player very far. I would also recommend adding an auto-run option where the run button becomes a walk button, since I found myself running most of the time and only wanted to walk on a select few occasions.

Other than these critiques, the basic movement was very good. Another thing I really liked about this game were the sound effects; I don't know how you made these, but they were great! Keep up the good work!
Seriously creative platformer. It feels closest to Mario (has a run button and Star Coins style collectibles) but in practice is extremely different and a lot more unique. The levels were all very solid platforming levels, but they also had fun NPC characters with little sidequests and dialogue in them. The graphics are great, the art style is fun, and the game perfectly sells the alien world it takes place on.

Speaking of characters, there's four playable ones, each with incredibly creative and well done designs. Each shares the same basic abilities like a double jump and telekenesis (which can attract and repel) and a unique ability.

Looking forward to the finished game; as far as I'm concerned it's already a winner!


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