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Dream Dasher

General Information

This page is still a work in progress! Updated images and more information soon :)

Dream Dasher is a hand-drawn 2d platformer that's all about momentum.

The game revolves around the dashing mechanics, which allow you to do crazy maneuvers and soar quickly from one enemy to another.

We're a team of four people who have been working hard on this project for around four years, all on our spare time!We're very proud of the results so far. Check it out!

If you'd like to keep up with development, make sure to check out our Discord server.
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Latest reviews

An amazing and satisfying game. This is a neat game with somehow fluid controls and can also get quite addicting getting an S rank, but once you do get it, boy is it satisfying. Even doing chaining attacks is satisfying on its own. To conclude, it's satisfying. Forgive me for saying satisfying so much, it just is.
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I played this on my stream.

I didn't expect the controls to be so amazingly fluid. This is the best use I've ever seen of homing attack mechanics, and the momentum felt snappy. High-level play of this has got to be super satisfying.

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