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SAGE 2023 - Demo David Get Keen SAGE 2023 Demo

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David Get Keen is a fast paced 3d platforming game, where your interactions with the environment dictate your speed and the effectiveness of your traversal.

This demo version will give you a small taste of the full adventure, due 2024.



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This was great! I'd been wanting to try out this game and I'm glad I did. I love the art style and the momentum physics. Felt pretty good to just fly through stages. My only gripes would be the 1 hit KO and the enemy lock on. I think rapidly spinning through enemy hordes with a lot of momentum would actually be a ton of fun if you didn't die in one hit.

Also, I enjoyed the characters and dialogue. I thought they were all really fun with good designs (and gave me good gameplay tips also David himself looks awesome). Wishlisted cuz gameplay was solid and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes!
this has so much potential but it feels like the game doesn't understand that. the speed is infinitely more fun than the slow platforming challenges scattered around the narrow path and the game gives you all the tools to skip everything, which is extremely fun. so, like... why don't u tap more into that? you have speed that is actually fun to acquire and not tied to a single boost button AND the control to make it so the speed is never too much to handle. it's absolutely perfect. it's what boost sonic wished it could be, yet the level design isn't interested in that at ALL. down to the enemies. you can't homing attack unless your character (not the camera, the character) is staring directly at the enemy, which are all over the place so you don't wanna do it cuz zooming with speed is more fun. but if you do homing attack, it removes all your speed. like, what? why??? the little sky island where u gotta go in circles to get all the buttons and the bob-omb battlefield-like climb were the best part of the game because gaining speed was actually useful and it felt intended. like i said earlier, it's everything boost sonic wished it could be, yet the game is too busy wanting to be a crash bandicoot/sonic adventure slow paced mix with sparsed out moments where you should actually go fast to actually tap into that. make it so you always go fast. don't make the speedy moments a reward. the speed is part of the systems, and the systems build what the game will be. please PLEASE delay this if it's actually "coming soon" this could be the "3d pizza tower" all the kids seem to be wanting yet still it's own thing. this could be so great.

also minor nitpick that u can totally ignore if u want: the way the characters are written is kinda pretentious and hurts in the "cringe receptor" part of my brain but hey this game is obviously aimed at younger demographics maybe i just dont get it
My only issues are the camera and the fact you die in one hit but the rest of the game DAMNNNNN
I can easily see myself getting absolutely addicted to the full game! It’s like incredibly fun and very speedrun-able!
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