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Cosmic Boll

General Information

Fuck ducks!
Cosmic Boll is a platformer game about roly-poly brawling action. Roll, beat and blast all your enemies into oblivion!

Let nothing stand in your way!

-5 stages
-1 boss

Gameplay tips:
-Hit enemies with your attacks to damage them!
-Combine arrow keys and action keys for rad moves!
-Rolling can drag enemies into the air and bounce Bolinha back and forth between walls! OH YEAH!
-Dash to phase through most attacks! YOU CAN ROLL WHILE DASHING TO BOOST! WHOA!
-Pick up Elemental Orbs to enhance Bolinha's abilities!

Note: The game might trigger false positive alerts on antiviruses due to being made in Clickteam Fusion, but a December 2020 update on that software appears to have greatly reduced the chances of it happening.

Note 2: Press F3 on the title screen to enter the control option screen. If the game runs very slowly and you've got a gamepad plugged in, try removing it and playing with the keyboard. This is an issue regarding an extension used for detecting controllers in the Sonic Worlds engine.

Always remember to blast your Videogame,
Practice Sports and Protect Nature!

Show that you're a true beast!

Latest reviews

there's alot of improvement compared to last year's build
Good job! I was just thinking about a platformer with fighting elements and you and advent neon are up there!

-fast and fun gameplay
-punches feel weighty and impactful
-parrying feels satifsying
-best part is rolling through an enemy and hearing a bowling sound effect

-no pause music
-no title music [if you're looking for tracks to use, I reccomend asking around on newgrounds]
-no story so i can understand why yellow blob is masscuring ducks.

dashing mid air then blocking on the ground shows blocking animation while moving forward

you should ask the devs of 'kirby battle blitz' to put your OC in their fighting game since the OC is very kirby based and you already have the fighting animation sprites.


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