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Cast'N'Blast: SAGE 2020 Demo Version

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Solita's home, the Magical Castle, has been overtaken by a group of troublemakers, and they've unleashed monsters in every nook and cranny. Hopping rabbit-eating plants, bullet seed spitting flowers, copycat wizards, and other devious baddies roam the castle, hoping to stop her in her tracks. With 24 levels, 4 showdowns, crafty tricks and dangerous traps, there's more than enough to aid you and Solita in taking back what's hers. Will you succeed in defeating the intruders and returning the Magical Castle to its rightful owner? Solita's fate rests on you, the player, and your skills.
Cast'N'Blast. It's a magical, action-packed vermin extermination.

Cast'N'Blast is a project I've been working on on-and-off for a couple of years. It's an arcade style action game similar to the likes of The FairyLand Story and Snow Bros.. Join Solita as she traverses within her home the Magical Castle to vanquish the monsters and the troublemakers that summoned them with her arsenal of 3 magic spells and her ghost pal Spectro!

The demo includes the following:
  • 8 levels, split between 2 areas
  • 1 boss fight
  • A results screen summarizing your performance
  • Customizable controls and gamepad support
There is still plenty left for this game I need to do, but I think there is enough content within this demo to give you a good idea of what the gameplay is like. The more straightforward levels have been picked with this in mind.
Reach out to me on Twitter @KuneWorks for any questions and feedback!

Latest reviews

Cast'n'Blast is a simple game in which you play as blue robed elemental mage Solita. You have three elemental powers at your disposal, and you need to switch between them to use the correct one to deal with a specific monster or risk multiplying them.

It has some NES inspirations, especially with the bite sized level design that scrolls back and forth before you start, although it doesn't try too hard to match any sort of era. Monsters can be dealt with in a large number of ways as you can combo different elemental attributes together to get better results, such as freezing something and tossing it over to mow down another creature. Solita can also meet her maker in a wide variety of violent but tastefully PG deaths, including but not limited to having her head chomped off or being frozen and shattered into a thousand pieces, making Game Overing (which you will be doing a lot) not so stale and frustrating. Although one could argue it comes at the expense of the cutesy aesthetic and a little out of left field.

Overall a lovely experience with a twist that I thought of when I saw the oddly familiar pirahna plant but didn't actually expect. Can highly recommend and will keep an eye on.
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Simple design coupled with awesome game play mechanics, equals a fun experience that is hard to put down. You took a tried, but true genre, and put a whole new spin on it. I'll be picking up your game again when SAGE is over.
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I can see myself getting addicted to this, it's quite simple yet fun. The boss in this demo is fairly understandable yet challenging. It also has quite a charm to it as well. Overall, pretty good!
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Gave this one a shot on my stream! I made a fool of myself by dying constantly, but it's cause I was tired.

I can imagine playing this at an arcade machine at a con or something. It's good, simple, polished fun.

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