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SAGE 2022 - Demo Berserk Boy


In the distant future… Driven insane by his obsession with Berserk Force Orbs, the diabolical Dr. Genos and his army of Dark Energy minions wage war on the people of Earth. Hope for all humanity rests with The Resistance, but are they enough? As the battle begins, a new hero joins the fight…

Kei, a young, inexperienced rookie, is transformed by mysterious Orb energy into BERSERK BOY! As the shadow of evil looms ever larger, Kei knows he must use his new powers to defeat Dr. Genos and save the planet. Because when all else fails, there is only one thing for it… GO BERSERK!

Coming soon to PC + Consoles


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Berserk Boy - Official Announcement Trailer - YouTube

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Berserk Boy on Steam (

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Berserk Boy ⚡
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Great and fun game!
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This is the first game I played this year (because it's near the start of the alphabet) and what a good way to start off. The home area is unnecessarily huge and could be replaced almost entirely with a simple menu, but everything else feels good, the levels do a solid job of moving in different directions but also allowing the player to keep moving forwards at all times. It would be nice to have more indication of when the boss is or isn't vulnerable than just a [!] box appearing. The different orb power sets look like they should be fun to play with. A good experience overall.
Just, remove touch damage from enemies, or at least make their "can hurt the player" hitbox smaller than their "can take damage" hitbox. Since you're getting up close and personal with enemies and especially that spider boss, it's really easy to take damage RIGHT after you land a hit
Pretty good, however I think I might have come upon a bug. Playing on retro difficulty, I got a game over on the first stage, which logically sent me back to the start. Then I beat the stage without dying once. However, the end of level ranking still counted the deaths from before I got a game over and had to restart the stage. I assume this is a bug, because the next time I played through the stage, it said zero deaths like it should have.

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