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  1. Mr. Triangle Mania 2

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Mr. Triangle Mania 2

    (WARNING: This game contains swearing and a few drug jokes.) Mr. Triangle Mania 2 is a platformer-shooter game with a stupid and wacky meme filled plot. Features: -10 stages -3 playable characters -17 bosses -Time Attack mode, plus an unlockable Boss Rush
  2. Sonic Overcharged

    Sonic Overcharged

    Sonic Overcharged es el nuevo fangame que intenta recrear las mecánicas adventure. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis! (Aun en progreso) Sonic Overcharged it's the new fangame wich tries to recreate adventure mechanics. Hope you enjoy! (Still in progress) Puedes jugar con Sonic y con el nuevo...
  3. chubbabubba

    Sonic Adventure Blast

    The Game Sonic Adventure Blast is a fan game that aims to capture the feeling of movement in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, while making various changes and additions to make it feel new and unique. The engine is written from the ground up in C++, using OpenGL to render. The entire...