1. O

    [Godot] A Classic Sonic Physics Framework [HedgeGodot Engine] (W.I.P)

    Hello! I'm working on a fan-made engine, made in Godot, a free, open-source, cross-platform engine. There are several things I want to implement, some gimmicks, the main characters (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles), even the most recent ones (Mighty and Ray). In a year of work I barely managed to...
  2. Flow Engine

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Flow Engine

    FLOW ENGINE A Rush/Advance-styled 2D sonic engine. I originally built this engine a while ago when attempting to learn how to use Godot Engine. Since then, it has grown to include more and more stage elements and mechanics. Features Include: Spline-based rails Boosting Stomping Rings Basic...
  3. Proof-O: Super Godotrio

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Proof-O: Super Godotrio

    PROOF-O: SUPER GODOTRIO (Version 0.1.0) ABOUT This is a small proof-of-concept (and a personal programming exercise) showing that it is possible make a 2D Mario platformer using Godot Engine. Perhaps this will encourage more fan game developers to use this tool, especially those who may think...
  4. Junkyard Frog

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Junkyard Frog

    This game was made using the Godot engine This is Junkyard Frog, you play as the Garbage Man who's trying to get all his trash back from the pesky frog who ate it all. Think you're up for the challenge? Travel through different areas, chasing after this monstrous frog, and get your trash back...
  5. RGMOfficial

    Game OttGiu [2021 Builds]

    Here's a collection of behind-the-scenes and screenshots of 2021 builds i've been developing of my indie game OttGiu (i've been developing this game since Late 2018). A SAGE 2020 build already exists on the Showcase section. I'm planning to make an 2021 build (probably for SAGE 2021)...
  6. Coderman64

    [Godot] Modern 2D Sonic Engine (WIP)

    FLOW ENGINE - Super beta (because flow is a synonym of rush and I'll come up with a better name later) A Rush/Advance-styled 2D sonic engine. I built this engine a while ago when attempting to learn how to use Godot Engine. Today, I dig it up out of the mothballs to ask you folks if I should...
  7. Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    Soro: The Stolen Crystals is a classic and cute 2D platformer inspired on the classics 90's games and made by almost one person. Join Soro on an adventure full of fun and challenges. ------------------------------------------------------ ☆ Synopsis ☆...
  8. Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild

    Sonic Wild, a small demonstration of Sonic with 2.5D graphics, made from scratch in the Godot engine


    Hello and welcome to the SAGE 2018 booth for PETRICHOR. Thanks for stopping by! We are LAMP LIGHTER STUDIOS and we hope you are enjoying your time browsing SAGE and checking out all the amazing projects the expo has to offer. We are beyond excited to be a part of the expo and show off our...