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SAGE 2020 - Complete Streets of Rage 2 Robotnik Wars (Genesis)

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After sonic forces, Dr Eggman destroys Green Hill zone to Lure sonic and his friends into a trap.
With this opportunity Dr. Eggman dominates the entire city with his robots and androids. Fight using Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and shadow with some cool moveset.(You can even play as the enemies with his own behavior).
End the reign of Baldy MC. Nose hair.



Gemerl by shyguy kingdom, nate the hedgehog, angnix, Shadowbot, blue-eyes Ultimate dragon aka HMS;

Tails Doll By ZMK30;

Mecha sonic by Domenico;

Master mecha shadow inspire on Master mecha sonic by entrail, shadefalcon

Streets of Rage 2 Syndicate Wars by Red crimson, Gsaurus and Daors
fire breath by Soda;

Metal sonic by metal kirby;

Super Ashura by Cylent Nite;

Egg mobile by acon, shadamoo

Silver sonic By Princessshear

shadow android ripped from "Shadow Divine Sheet"

Ko sound from "The king of fighters 97"

Kefka's laugh from Final Fantasy VI

Amy, shadow, sonic, knuckles by ModGen


Latest reviews

As silly as I think this is, I like it. I'm not too into Streets of Rage, but having Sonic characters in it would make me play it. The characters' sprites and voice clips look and sound decent, and the few characters' that I tried out, like Tails and Knuckles, their stats seem reasonable! The graphics during the intro isn't change, but at least the text is.

Also, seeing angry Tails beat up Eggrobos and Androids with a crowbaw made me laugh hard.
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Soda Magaiver
Soda Magaiver
I'm glad you like it, it was fun to make this hack too
where is the download link?
how do i download this


Great game, I will put it on my genesis everdrive-SD card.

Five stars rating.

Much love to the classical gaming world.
Long live yujinaka and sonic team games alike. ^^
Robotnick wars the story dialogue Shadow I played sonic like his speed is great hard mode i use sonic to play patience against roborubes in stage 6 7 and 8 ashura moves is great the wolverine eggman become the crime lord to take over i give this 10 out of 10 tails doll metal amy metal knux metal sonic playable characters and enemies love it i will 3 more characters i already finished with sonic in hard mode this game is made by Soda Magaiver if you are listening i love your game and your creation keep up the good work my good sir!

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