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Sonic GT

Wow, Just wow. Out of all the official and fan sonic games I have played this one has some of the best polish I have ever seen! The game feels so stratifying and it looks stunning, dare I say Sonic GT rivals current official Sega made sonic games in terms of quality, gameplay, music, post game, and even story! Every level is so vast and fun too explore and the post game is so fun! All the characters are a joy too use and the controls are absolutely solid! The game features awesome voice acting as well as a great/witty story and the writing is not only top notch but honestly got a laugh out of me! The only point of constructive criticism I have is the final boss music doesn't quite fit the mood and that's about it. I so badly want a sequel too Sonic GT but even if we don't get one this still is a text book example of 3D sonic done right!
Just wanted to ask, how do you turn off the auto camera for boss fights? It's basically impossible for some fights because the camera angle will auto focus on bosses.
HOLY CRAP! Sonic GT is such a great game try it out NOW, OR ELSE!
Really fun game, I played it on my friend's computer and I was OBSESSED with it. But I can't play it on my own computer because I have a Chromebook, so can you pretty please make a .apk so people with Chromebooks can play your amazing game?
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Chromebooks probably arent able to run this game. Why? Well, chromebooks can barely run sonic mania, which means that they probably cant run this game. Also, chromebooks use linux packages, not android apks.
where is the download
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theres a link on the overview page
I am two years late, but I am a huge fan of Sonic GT's gameplay. The attention to detail in the slopes and rails, especially the way the build more momentum descending than they lose descending feels fantastic. I'll be watching Project Rascal in the future to see more of your work.
This fangame is absolutely phenomenal.

It isn't without its faults, but I have never felt closer in a game to what a 3d Sonic experience should have been until playing this demo. The physics feel great, the speed actually feels well earned and controllable rather than being assigned to a particular gamepad button, even the badniks actually present genuine threats that you have to think tactically to manage

Actually the most striking moment for me in this game was so simple, I was running down a hill into a valley, feeling the way the momentum was carrying me up the other end, then realising I was being chased by a motobug nipping at my heels and only just managing to outrun it, it was a sublime few seconds where everything about the game just felt perfect... thanks for that, really :)

I have never managed to play a 3d Sonic game since completely giving up on them figuring it out after being bitterly disappointed Sonic Adventure 2, in fact the rest of this review is going to be mainly directed at SEGA and how they did everything wrong and led everyone astray for 20 years.

There has never been any sense of freedom in 3d Sonic. You are going to run down this corridor, then jump on this spring, then bounce of these two badniks onto a rail that leads to another spring, and if you miss any of that, the game is going to kill you with a pit of death because the designer does not want you to go that way. This fan game goes a long way towards mitigating that feeling, the basic mechanics of level traversal are all pretty much the same, but there is enough variety in the routes that you can even end up wondering if you are going in the right direction - which is a breath of fresh air for a series that has never managed to break free from its linear two dimensional origins.

Actually Sonic's pits of death really are a crime against gamers and have become so abused over the years that the only right thing to do now is to banish them from existence forever. In the 16-bit Sonic games, they always existed but were used very sparingly and tactfully, in secret or alternative challenge routes, or in later levels in order to amp up the tension or challenge, and they often existed for a logical reason, eg you are actually on a flying fortress at 20,000 ft. Even Hill top zone only has a couple token ones as if to make a point that it's a long way down if you fall off the gondolas. In 3d Sonic, they exist because the designers hate you and need to keep you in a box. If you accidentally fall off into the sea at the beach, you instantly die a horrible death. It starts unapologetically at the first level Emerald Coast, and only gets worse from there.

This game still has a few moments like that because all Sonic games do, but despite that it shows signs that the author took a deep look introspectively and though to them self "does this mechanic actually do anything for the game?" if you miss a jump on the first level, you might fall down a waterfall to a lower area, or an updraft will save you from a precarious edge, and with no lives to speak of the worst consequence is you go back to a checkpoint if you really fall way off the edge. There were several moments in the first level where I thought "Oh No", then shortly after realised I was actually safe. It was a nice feeling not having to be yanked back to the last checkpoint for making a mistake.

In an ideal world, the perfect Sonic game would be like Zelda, where if you fall off a cliff and die, it is more than likely because you were pushing your luck too far. Zelda doesn't actively try and kill you for getting it wrong. You even have a parachute so you can potentially survive any fall. When you die, it's really on you, and because of that, the game never once feels unfair. Even if you argue you need some way to limit the play area and water is the only way, well Zelda boxes you in with water, but you really have to wilfully swim out to sea before you actually risk drowning yourself. Sonic still won't even sodding learn how to swim, grrr

The controls in 3d Sonic have also always been wildly unpredictable and suicide inducing. The homing attack is on the same button as the jump attack, so you always eventually end up homing in on something when you didn't want to and falling haplessly into the abyss. In 16-bit Sonic, you feel safe when you press the jump button because it does exactly what you expect it to do and you are always in complete fine control , in 3d Sonic, you never have any idea what the hell is going to happen because you are at the mercy of what the physics engine is guessing you want to do. The homing attack itself is pretty much a necessary evil because it is much harder to aim in a 3d perspective, but 3d Sonic has always suffered from combining both actions on a single button. Meanwhile the Y button is always wasted on the silly "lightspeed dash", which can only home in on rings, and only then when you are directly facing them from 2 inches away.

It's good that there are a variety of moves, but the way they are executed by the player has never had any kind of hard, brutal revision. No one at SEGA has ever stepped back and taken an executive decision to straighten it out into something that feels intuitive. Just the simple refinement of separating those actions into clear unambiguous "jump" "dash" and "attack" commands would be completely game changing. You have to get the simple things right SEGA before you start adding stuff on top! (oh who am I talking to I'm pretty sure they aren't listening)

Those are really the only faults I can find in this game. They are all features copied directly from the 3d Sonic design precedent example set by SEGA, so there is really no way I can fault the developer, but because this game just feels so damn good to play when things are going right, as a direct result of the fact that it does certain very important and crucial things its own way, then it is all the more frustrating that it has to be weighed down by the very same imperfect gameplay mechanics that have dogged the 3d Sonic games since the Dreamcast days.

But it is so, so close to getting it right, that I really genuinely have some hope again. I hope no one reads this review and finds it too negative - there are so many things about this fan-game that I love and have dreamed about, I am just really going for the jugular on the facets of the game that I think SEGA themselves have never gotten right.
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I've Played Sonic GT since Demo 1! I'm SUPER Happy this was finished! Amazing game!
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REALLY?!? IT'S FINISHED?!? (aka haven't played this in forever)
cons: the tutorial was bit weird and hard to play and i couldn't really complete each section without dying. of course that how you learn is to fail but this tutorial didn't really feel like i want to learn, more like i was annoyed.
i never felt unsafe in tutorial.

the final boss i hate. i couldn't even barley get the powerups and coins to even live.

the first level i got lost and spent too long trying to find a way out. it confusing.
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THIS IS AMAZING 9/10 only problem i have is that i cant go back and replay old levels without having to do time attack or challenges. (this was written by a 12 year old)
This is by far the greatest Sonic game made thus far, created by Sega or otherwise.

This is the peak Sonic experience to date. If the ideal Sonic game could be summed up in one word, it would be "flow," and Sonic GT understands this. The tools at your disposal (two types of homing attacks, bounce, trick flip, drop dash) are perfect for what the game needs to reach that excellent flow state. Sonic's speed is exhilarating, the level of control is amazing even at high speeds, the level design is branching and expansive, environments are beautiful, music is bangin', Sonic is expressive, and the game is an absolute blast to play. I love it so much and I have always wanted a game like Sonic GT. This is the absolute closest anyone has ever come to perfecting the peak Sonic formula. Literally 10/10 from me on all fronts, except for a few criticism listed below.

Of course there are always things to improve upon, so here are my constructive criticisms:

1. The story hahaha. To preface, I don't even care about the story really. For me, it's all about the beautiful physics system and level design, seeing Sonic at his peak during the levels. However, the writing is cheesy, the voice acting is god awful for pretty much every character except Eggman (no offense guys I know you all tried your best but I turned Sonic's voice off during the levels entirely, and this is coming from someone who thinks Sonic's voice in Sega games is hecka rad). Also, Sonic and Shadow do not hate each other. SA2 was pretty much the peak story-telling for Shadow, which solidified Sonic and Shadow as friendly rivals that have a mutual respect for one another. The bastardized characterizations of the Sonic cast from the last decade are awful and I wish this game didn't play into that, but like I said, it's whatever to me because the real selling point of the game are the actual levels, which are amazing.

2. The tutorial does not explain how the trick system works. I figured it out myself, but one thing I still don't understand is: in some levels or challenges, the trick system only rewards you based on your highest trick combo, while in others it adds all trick combos together. Can't seem to figure out why that is. Definitely need to explain that in the tutorial guys.

3. I understand why this next point is sort of necessary, but it still has to be mentioned: I love the fact that the game is non-linear and there are SO many branching pathways to reach the goal. However, every level is so large and the pathways are so numerous that it is almost guaranteed YOU WILL GET LOST first time you play them. Happened to me every single level. I personally don't mind this much because I enjoy routing an optimal path in a level and then finding more optimal paths once I get a sense of the levels direction. It adds so much replay value even after S-ranking all the missions and it's one of the reasons I really love this game. However, while it's not a personal gripe, I don't think people should get lost while playing the level first-time. That being said, I AM NOT in favor of making the levels more linear. With how fast Sonic moves, you NEED very large expansive levels in order to have branching pathways that actually make a significant difference in how you finish the level.
I believe the best fix for something like this are more indicator signs throughout the level (like how Sunset Boulevard has arrows that show the direction you should go). It shouldn't be too hand-holdy, but they should just give a general direction of where to go. More of those sprinkled in every level and this is entirely a non-issue.

4. This next point definitely has to be corrected I think: the trick system can be manipulated to easily grind points. By spamming bounce with every landing or by staying on the ground for a very short period of time (like .5 of a second), the trick counter will stay indefinitely. As I see it, the trick counter should work to reward you for doing cool stuff *while maintaining speed and flow*. However, seeing as how you can basically keep the counter the whole level just by bouncing and quickly hopping off the ground when you touch it, it rewards a slower and more grindy type of gameplay. By using these exploits, it actually *discourages* running and keeping a speedy flow. Definite fix needed there in my opinion.

5. Enemies and springs are hard to see from even a moderate distance. I know the map has to be huge to account for Sonic's speed, and making the enemy sizes and springs giant wouldn't really make sense in proportion to Sonic, so I'm not sure how to really fix this one. It may be inherent to the design of the game. Not a big issue, but worth noting.

6. I think it was the intention, but Hidden Base is TOO DARK and I hate it lol. Same goes for the shady areas of Hill Top. Granted, I do have a blue light filter on my screen which makes it harder to see dark areas, but it shouldn't be to the point of complete blackness, especially in an otherwise bright area like Hill Top. I'd definitely make these areas a little brighter.

7. The inclusion of the old Fire, Lightning, and Bubble shields are awesome. However, it is annoying how the shields replace your Right button command. I mostly play Sonic, and I feel like the drop dash serves as an integral aspect to maintaining the flow of the game, it doesn't feel right to not have it. So I find that once I actually get a Fire, Lightning, or Bubble shield, I immediately want to throw it out, because I would rather have the drop dash than the shield ability. I would definitely change this and move the shield ability to the Right trigger rather than the Right button. Right trigger is a completely unused button and that way we would not have to forfeit the drop dash or other character abilities when wearing a shield.

8. The bosses are literally better than any boss Sega has concocted in the last 20 years lol. However, the Eggman Tank and the boss at Hill Top still follow a similar formula, which is: wait till you can hit them. Hill Top's boss less-so because you can get in multiple hits every time he comes off the rail, but still speeds up to the point where you basically have to wait until you are both on the ground again. And also (I'm not sure if this was intentional or not), you can't hit the Hill Top boss while he is on rails, because the homing attack auto-targets the rails and never the boss. Still great bosses, but just prefer something with less "wait till you can hit them" approach.


Aaand that's all I got. Besides these relatively minor and very fixable criticisms, I think you got THE PERFECT FORUMLA on your hands here. This is coming close to my favorite game of all time and the only reason it's not my favorite game of all time is because it's only 4 levels long and because of some of the criticisms mentioned above. I've always wanted a game like this. The closest we ever got to peak Sonic experience before this was Spark the Electric Jester 2, which is I also really love, but Sonic GT's sense of flow, immaculate control, and creativity in level design actually beat out Spark's IMO. Big respect to everyone involved. I love what the team has done and am excited for any future projects, updates, or expansions.
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This game is amazing! but i have a few problems on the first and second levels i have a bit of slowdown but other than that its amazing!
Holy scrambled eggs, this game is awesome. The music is more ambient (and sometimes like the final boss i don't think that it matches well with what is happening in the screen) and less active, and the presentation in some areas aren't as polished as other parts. Trick system being stars that spin and change colors like in burnout games was great, the after images that indicates that your going fast is a great touch and the particles are well integreated in the world (some of them reflecting in the materials, great stuff), but the menus and some aspects of the hud didn't delivered as well for me (persona, sonic adventure reimagined and sonic heroes really spoiled me in this regard). Level designe dope, really fitting with the gameplay and lots of fun to run through (run and build speed through the stages really put me in the mood to skateboard again), and the gameplay might be the best we had in sonic games (but i really missed tails, although i know he would break some of the stages). Voice acting is very good, most of the voice lines and the actual voices really fitting with the characters (gotta give eggman props, he's great). The only thing i could criticize more is the length, because the game is so good i wanted more lol. Now I'm excited to what Greedy can do next.
Make an andriod port
Make it support 32bit and 64bit
Let me just tell you guys: THIS IS THE BEST SONIC GAME EVER!

Presentation: 10/10 Rings

This fan game looks and feels professional. I cannot give Greedy enough credit for all of the little things. The level intros, the results screens, everything. It just feels like something a professional company would make, not a few people as a hobby project. Great job. The only problem I had is that the ... on the song titles should be before the "for."

Story: 7/10 Rings
There are some great things about the story. For one, it's simple. It doesn't try to get too serious or important. It's just a fun story that could fit in just about anywhere in a "Sonic canon" timeline (not that they're's much of a cohesive series canon to refer to). I personally liked the humor, although it was the type that might drive some players away. Unfortunately, the story also has some downsides. For some reason, Sonic really hates Shadow now, even though in the past Sonic have may have even considered Shadow a friend, or at least nothing worse than a punching bag for lame jokes. It's completely out of the blue and uncharacteristic of Sonic (not to mention some of the Voice Acting when Sonic is complaining is... not as good as the rest, which I like). It's a charming story though, and one that I enjoyed for the most part.

Physics: Amazing. Characters are easy to control and have movesets which complement the game, other than Shadow's Chaos Kick, which unfortunately sucks out all of your momentum. Rolling down hills to gain speed feels SO SATISFYING, and the trick system is perfect when you need just a little bit of extra height. Level design: Amazing. The levels don't get you turned around, while still feeling incredibly open and free. You may end up missing that jump onto that perfect route on your first time through, but remember for next time you play the level and make that jump to halve your time. There are so many perfect opportunities to build speed, and finding the route that lets you build the most speed is incredibly satisfying. If you know how to traverse the level, you are always either running at immense speeds or flying through the air to make that gap jump. Music: Amazing. Although I wish it would be louder by default, the music tracks for this game are great, my favorites being the main theme, Ocean Paradise and Hill Top. I cannot possibly give enough praise to the gameplay.

In conclusion, you are crazy to have not played this game already. You have not lived until you have played Sonic GT. What are you waiting for?
honest opinion
best 3d fangame I have ever played: I give it a 10
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This game is honestly incredible!


-The level design is great and keeps you trying to get better and better

-There is a lot of variety in the characters (they are each fun to play in their own way too)

-The characters are (for the most part) pretty well balanced

-The controls never give you a hard time

-The game rewards you with new characters and faster times

-The story is presented in a great way (those renders are amazing)

-The voice acting is pretty awesome!


-The boss fights aren't the best (The flying one was a pain but I have heard that they have balanced that fight)

-Shadow is a cool character but his Chaos Kick attack is a bit underpowered since it completely halts your momentum and just sends you high into the air (This is a tiny little nitpick and it really doesn't matter that much. I just mentioned it because everything else is so great.)


Why wouldn't you get this game? It is easily one of the best sonic fangames created (up there with Sonic Robo Blast 2). This game is incredible and a must play for any sonic fan!
Es lo mejor que he podido probar de un juego de Sonic tiene todo lo que necesita un juego veloz y de aventuras y plataformas.
Es la máxima experiencia de un Sonic de cualquier tipo
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oookay... go to advanced settings and make sure everything is to the lowest maybe? You could probably lower render scale more than lowest preset.
I have a great PC so I run Super settings so idk
well it runs smooth kinda but it runs SOOOOOOOOOOOO slow like a snail
This would be damn near perfect if you took the rubberbanding from the Tails races and removed it, then applied it to the mole boss at the end of Hill Top
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Mr. V
Mr. V
It'd be blerrie brilliant if there was a linux-friendly version

Level Design: It was a bit hard to tell if you were going in the right direction in the levels from the previous demo, but these newly designed levels completely fixes that issue. There are multiple paths to take in every level that heavily encourage you to go as fast as possible. You can go insanely fast if you take the right path, and if you mess up the game doesn't overly punish you with bottomless pits or spikes like a lot of Sonic fan games tend to do. Overall, the level design is great and well thought out. Easily some of the best levels in any Sonic fan game.

Character Variety: Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages which helps improve the replay value. They each control pretty well and their models are well made. I'm kind of struggling to find the right descriptors, but just take my word for it.

Multiple Gamemodes: Pretty self-explanatory. The variety of gamemodes like Time Attack really boost the replayability.

Visuals: The graphics in this game are pretty good with good lighting, shaders, textures, and post-processing effects. The trail characters leave behind them when going fast is also a nice addition.

Performance: I have a GTX 1070 Ti and an i7-8700k, so my PC is a little overkill for this game. Still, the framerate is pretty stable, and levels load pretty quickly (even on an HDD). I have not experienced a single crash, either. The game just runs exceptionally well for a 3D fan game.

Music/Audio: Each song services the levels pretty well with a decent variety of instruments used. The mixing of the audio is fairly good, too. Nothing is overly loud and nothing drowns out the music or other sound effects. The audio quality for the voice actors could use a little work, but it's good enough for a free fan game.


Physics/Movement: I put this here because the physics and movement in this game can either be really good or REALLY bad. Sometimes it works very well allowing you to build up momentum pretty quickly (pun not intended), but at other times you will clip through walls if you go too fast. The levels also don't seem to be made with wall jumping in mind, so I have no idea why that ability is in the game. The wall running works great, though.

(kinda) Unskippable Cutscenes: You can spam the A button on an Xbox controller to make the cutscenes go a little faster, but there is no way to completely skip the cutscenes. It has nothing to do with the quality of the story or the quality of the voice acting, by the way. I just never cared too much for the story in Sonic games and would rather go straight to the next level. Having the option to completely bypass the cutscenes would be nice.

The Menu: Some options in the menu require you to use a mouse. This wouldn't be a problem if I played the game using a mouse and keyboard, but I don't. I use an Xbox controller. The perfect example of this is when you go to toggle things like AA or motion blur. You're unable to toggle these settings with a controller for some reason which seems like a bit of an oversight, but it really isn't that big of a deal. Still, I think this needs to be fixed so people don't have to switch input devices every time they want to change certain settings. Just something to keep in mind.


Boss Encounters: The first boss encounter is okay, but the rest of them are annoying to deal with. This is especially apparent with the final boss where you have to wait way too long for an opportunity to strike.

Starting The Levels: I know this is kind of a weird one, but hear me out. There should be a countdown timer or something at the beginning of each level. I think if you disabled movement during the countdown but allowed the charging of the spindash (kind of like revving your car at the beginning of a race), the chances of accidentally launching yourself in a random direction at the beginning of the level will be greatly reduced.


This is one of the best Sonic fan games I've played in a while. The amount of momentum you can build up in this game is insane and the levels really encourage you to keep that momentum until the very end (if you're good enough). There aren't any cheap deaths or overly complex levels. The general presentation is pretty good for a fan game (better than most, might I add). Sure, the game isn't perfect, but it has seriously raised the bar for 3D Sonic fan games across the board. Great job!
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Pyra's Wolf
Pyra's Wolf
You mean like in Sonic Unleashed when there's a 3-2-1 GO! And you get a good running start?
They have timer activation posts in Time Attack. That's good enough for me. The timer can start whenever during the other modes in my opinion, since Time Attack is the main one for speedrunning, but I can see how that might be frustrating in, say, the Tails plane race in Hill Top.
I would like to start by saying that I enjoyed this game and I see a lot of potential in Sonic GT. I can see a lot of work has gone into it. I want to expand further and hope that any of this feedback helps.

the tl;dr
+Level Design
+Enemy Programming
- Bumper Engine's Quirks
- Tutorial

At points I'm genuinely surprised by how well planned out the levels are, given how much the game lets you just fly. There's a lot of height to levels in addition to length, and the pathways always seem to put me back on track even if I get a little lost. Levels feel extensive without being overwhelming. SA elements like ring dashing and rail grinding felt fairly reliable in this iteration which is a huge plus. Maybe homing attack could be made not to work off camera but overall the game functions pretty solidly at this stage.

I also have to commend the badnik designs and how they accommodate for the fact that you will try to avoid them (the motobug chases you and the crabmeats have a pretty good shooting range).

When you're able to just keep the speed going in this game it really has a kinetic energy to it. There's enough stuff to slow you down without it feeling too punishing, and when you do keep the speed up it feels very rewarding. I haven't tried exploring the levels a ton yet but it feels like there is room for that in future playthroughs.

Boss battles are also unique and engaging.

The presentation is nice too. I like the character CGs

I feel like this game's greatest hurdle is the Bumper Engine itself, and I think these critiques can mostly be traced back to that. There's still some 'jank' to it and I just don't know how correctable it is - maybe you'll be the one to figure it out.

Sonic still feels 'loose' at low speeds. When Sonic goes fast he 'jitters', or the camera is lagging behind. The points where the game forces you to stop and do the dance with badniks does not feel natural. Anything that generally makes me have to fenagle with the camera a lot is something I feel should be mitigated as much as possible when adding elements into your game. I think the camera also points down a little too soon after jumping which makes precision platforming jarring.

While the level design was generally good, the tutorial level felt a bit cramped and I think could be improved upon - maybe try to get more feedback on this.

Also, maybe make the cutscenes skippable.

I wish boss fights offered a bit more wiggle room to make them go along faster, like if I could attack them during animations and stuff. Not really a con but a preference of mine.

While I did praise the presentation, I also have some story critiques, which are super subjective so I don't put it under cons, but it could use some feedback. It feels like that, judging by the presentation, the story is trying to hit the same notes that the post-unleashed era does, which is completely fine. But I'm going to hold it to higher standards for that.

Sonic's animosity and deathwish towards Shadow has shades of Eggman from Lost World - it's just sorta out of nowhere and seems a bit OOC. I don't mind it when a fangame wants to add layers to character dynamics - this is something I think is missing from the mainline series - but it felt like this could use some explaining beforehand, or at least tone down what he's saying. I'm also personally not a fan of overly meta jokes - like Tails mentioning he's not in the title (again, it's something from the mainline series I'm getting tired of).

I think my favorite new element was the characterization of Mighty and Ray. Ray's exchange with Dr. Eggman was probably my favorite cutscene. It did feel like all the characters in the story did share some kind of chemistry and dynamic, so I would just advise to get more feedback on the script for the future and it could be something quite close to the real thing.

Also, I think the voice actors generally did fine, but maybe have them do a few takes with each line. Sometimes delivery was a bit off or mic quality wasn't totally there.

Anyway, I hope this review may be helpful in a small way. And if GT is mostly done at this point, it's still a job well done.
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Honestly Tails breaking the 4th wall was like the only funny part to me in as much as I've played of it so far (I haven't beaten the Sunset Boulevard boss yet, he was too hard in 1.0.3).