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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic CD - Static Charge (Demo)

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Please note that Static Charge will only run on the decompilation (Version 1.3.0) of Sonic CD 2011! The Steam version will not be supported!

Sonic CD: Static Charge is a complete overhaul of Sonic CD 2011, aiming to completely deliver a new gameplay experience! Static Charge's goal is to reinvent Sonic CD to play more like the original Genesis Sonic trilogy (specifically Sonic 2 and 3K), with completely overhauled palettes, music, and level design while also retaining most of the art and overarching mechanics of the original.

Static Charge includes various tweaks, changes, and fixes to enhance the gameplay:

  • Time Travel Overhaul - The original Time Travel Overhaul mod created by TheStoneBanana is now baked into Static Charge by default with permission.
  • Time Flow Consistency - Ending a level now in Static Charge in the present, past, or bad future will start the next act in their respective time period; while ending a first act in the good future will start the next act in the bad future (provided the robot generator has not been destroyed in the past); and upon obtaining all seven time stones, you will now always start the next act in the good future.
  • New Tracks - Static Charge has a brand new soundtrack taken from various other games and artists, as well as now introducing unique Act 3 tracks for both futures. Each special stage also now has their own unique track.
  • Overhauled Palettes - Every act and time period in Static Charge now has a unique palette structured around a time of day system. Special stage palettes have also been overhauled.
  • New Level Layouts - Static Charge's levels have been completely redone, retaining the same art assets from the original while including new tweaks and polishes. These levels are many times larger than the original, so to compensate and prevent needless backtracking in the levels; rather than in have a single robot generator, each past now includes four. Destroying one generator is all you need to get a good future in the act.
  • New and Overhauled Gimmicks
This demo includes both Quartz Quadrant and Wacky Workbench as complete zones. Static Charge is planned to be a full conversion mod overhauling every zone in the game.

Please note Static Charge may not be compatible with most mods, not designed to be compatible with CD Restored!

If you are using the current stable x64 Windows exe of the decomp, please ensure that the CD Script Decomp folder (named "Scripts") is placed in the bin folder where the executable is located for specific objects to render correctly!


This is really cool! Though two things I think you should assimilate from other mods are the drop dash, and the removal of the screen lock when you get close to the goal post

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