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retro engine

  1. Sonic CD - Static Charge (Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic CD - Static Charge (Demo)

    Please note that Static Charge will only run on the decompilation (Version 1.3.0) of Sonic CD 2011! The Steam version will not be supported! Sonic CD: Static Charge is a complete overhaul of Sonic CD 2011, aiming to completely deliver a new gameplay experience! Static Charge's goal is to...
  2. Axanery

    Complete I'm Outta Here

    This mod includes the ability to use "I'm Outta Here!" from Sonic CD (a cut feature from Mania) with entirely new animations for every character. If you wait three minutes in a stage without moving at all, the character will talk to you (the player) and jump off of the stage. This mod also adds...