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SAGE 2023 - Complete Sonic Battle Rematch

General Information

This game is a fighting game from the Sonic franchise The hedgehog made on Engine MUGEN
This game contains 22 characters, 47 stages and remixed songs!
has characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow among others!
Download: Sonic Battle Rematch 0.3 (2023)



Sonic Battle.png
Sonic Battle.png

Sonic Battle.png

Sonic Battle.png


Combo List:

A - Attack
B - Second Attack
C - Burst, Spin or Third Attack
Start - Charge

+ A
+ A
+ B
+ B
+ C
+ C
Ultimate: X, Y or Z /
+ A, B or C
+ A, B or C / X, Y or Z


Engine: Virtualtek , Elecbyte and Figther Factory MUGEN Engine
Screenpack: Devon and Luigy Monsores
Music: Sonic Team
Stages: Luigy Monsores, Skylight, Magma Dragoon MK II, Sol Knight X, MabsKMK, JordanoDaMano, ShiroTori, JDM, cybaster, Derpy Sponge, Kleylson, ThomasTheHedgehog888, kater15, MGSSJ2, ShinZankuro, Cavalcante, Sabre, Dj Sonic, Kenjou_Lirt, Impactor® and Dcat Power.
Characters: Rivelio, Sonikku, thienthien, InSeph, RVL Gamer, Andrew55, Knightmare, Pulento69, SuperNaruto 64 and Black Ideals.
Art: sarken9683 (Fleetway Sonic)
Copilation: Luigy Monsores

Latest reviews

Love the game but add exe sonic and a few more characters
I avoid adding unofficial characters, I only added shadic because I think he's really cool!
i cant tell u enough how much i appreciate you adding mostly official characters
add nazo he is very cool trust
This game is excellent BTW there is glitch but i know its amazing the game.
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Reactions: LuigyMonsores64
This will depend a lot on how often the authors' chars come out, but who knows, right?
good game you guys can add sonic.exe next update please?
will you add Nazo? i know you want canon things but he is cool and i dont think anyone will dislike it


I'd like to add these characters to the game but I'm having I don't know quite how even after reading the instructions in the notepad. The characters I'm adding are from the same author; can someone help?
I put this exact adress but nothing has worked
kfm, stages/mybg.def

Mecha Sonic
Fire Sonic
hey can you please make an alternate download link? (preferably on google drive or mega)
mediafire is blocked in my country and i dont want to use a vpn and wait years to install a game

thanks in advance @LuigyMonsores64
i plugged my ps4 controller but i dont know wat type of controls yo put in can you tell me which places should i put them in i usually use square for basic x for secondary traingle for thrid and O is for super so pls tell me where to put tem
i plugged my ps4 controller but i dont know wat type of controls yo put in can you tell me which places should i put them in i usually use square for basic x for secondary traingle for thrid and O is for super so pls tell me where to put tem
go to the game's settings, F1, then map the controls
I font have a functioning computer where to run this game,could you make a mobile version or tell how to adapt this game to android??????
Is there a special transformation between Sonic and Shadow to transform into Shadic? Because when playing in teams when I play as Shadow Sonic starts calling his name and I'm confused if it's for a special attack or a special transformation and I do not know how to activate it. I know Shadic is already a character but I am asking if there is a special transformation since Hyper Sonic is its own character but also a Sonic transformation in the game.
Can you give a tutorial on how to download this on MacOS please? I cannot seem to find a way to download this on Mac
Hey Luigy, just curious but is there a specific way to do a quick chaos control? (not the time stop one but the one Shadic uses to TP from the other side of the screen to his opponent.) I've seen the computers do it and I've spent a couple hours trying to figure out the command input for it but I can never figure out what the inputs are for the teleportation.

To be more specific, when I fought against a CPU Shadic as the fusion, I was trying to learn from the CPU and it showed me that Shadic was capable of a quick TP; either when he throws a spear or without the spear. I tried replicating it by even doing the "chaos control" input then pressing anything else but like I said, still struggling. Any idea how it works or if you could show us "unique moves" and how they're done with the characters so use them?
Hi, I have a question, my son have tried the ultimate extra several times without success. Do you have an easier way to do it?
Hey, hello. Just want to say, the fangame looks good, but I find out that the Fleetway Super Sonic render is mine.

Here it is.
And the post in DA

I like that people use my art, but at least credit me.
From personal investigation into this Fan Project, majority of these Characters and Stages are taken and or borrowed from other M.U.G.E.N Mods or Archives and added into this one here.
So my point being that Fleetway was probably borrowed or taken from another Mugen Character source and imported into this one.
So the most likely outcome of this whole situation is that the Dev does not even know half of the Source Credit material used in this Project, they simply put it together.

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