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SAGE 2022 - Complete Sonic and the Fallen Star

great fangame i really had fun, and also can i make a type of sequel
I agree, best fangame I've ever played side's Utopia.. But this one doesn't lag at all with my trashy aa- computer sooo.. yea. I ain't pickin' favourites tho >:)
the best sonic fangame ever need I say more.
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Probably the best Sonic fan game I've ever played. Thanks for the experience overall! I mean the music, the sprites, the cutscenes, the level design.

BUTTERY SMOOTH thank you again!

Curious what happens if you don't collect all 7 Chaos emeralds?

Here's my playthrough of it all (, I loved it so much I even went through all that amazing concept art haha!

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how do you play on phone?
Honestly, this is probably one of the best fan games I've played in awhile. This will go down with the greats!
what is the PC Controls ?
best fan game i've seen yet to come out this year. graphics (oh gosh the graphics, beautiful), MUSIC, and physics are a solid A+!!!
however i've noticed some little, VERY tiny flaws. they didnt ruin my fun, but i figure mentioning them here is fine.

sometimes my hitbox can be a bit jarring: i unintentionally jump over an enemy and yet it gets hit, or i didnt even try to hit it, but it still gets hit. the distance between me and said enemy is, give or take, one short hop away? i always feel like "was that alright? am i allowed to get that?"

Sonic is amazing to play as, his sprites were complete, didnt see any mistake in his physics, animation was smooth af, he's *chef kiss* perfection .

Tails was great too, he is so cute. in terms of sprites, however, he was lacking in a few: in the special stages he didnt have a lose animation; his jump or "roll into a ball" animation lacked his two tails (what happened to your tails, Tails), tho i feel like that was intentional. when transitioning to a boss fight he doesnt have an animation like sonic does (shows no reaction to the Tropical Tracks train or the Raspberry River submarine). but his swimming animation made me overdose on serotonin (i will now die in peace).

Tails also managed to break some of the boss fight mechanics (looking at Tropical Tracks Act 2, here. why jump on the crates with springs when you can just fly your way up). clearly, there was an intended way of getting through the boss fight, but when you play as Tails its really just like "but what if i didnt". but no worries, its not a unusual slip with 2d classic sonic games. i can tell the stages were mainly built based for sonic's gameplay, it can be felt when going up very high or steep slopes- if you lose that speed as Tails, then its gonna be a slow ride. of course, you can fly, but even thats a hit or miss; Tails can get exhausted before you manage to land on the top.

level designs are a 9/10. i just felt that the zig-zag pattern can ruin your sense of speed, also i got scammed multiple times when speeding through the level only to come across a spring on the wall that bounces me back making me lose all my momentum LOLLL. and i believe that the "cant tell between whats the stage and whats the background" issue has been mentioned multiple times, so thats that. boss fights? a solid 8/10, some were too easy, others complicated, and a few were "being able to hit me comes to those who wait". special stages were easy until act 6 and 7.

despite all i said, the good far outweighs the bad in this game. 100% would recommend playing it, this is such a treat. huge thanks to the team that developed this, you guys are a godsend.
This game oozes with love and charme! I was already impressed by the self made character sprites, but gameplay and level design feels really great too. Kinda takes me back when I played Mania for the first time. Had the same kinda joy :D
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This is a normal fan game with a cool background, a cool plot and a cool engine that the game was created well, that's all I can say about the fan game.
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This games visuals are amazing
Bosses are fun to fight, character sprites are colorful and bright
and the stages are nothing short of fun and high speeds action
its just great almost all around

ez 5/5 from me
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Finished the last few stages finally (wasn't stuck, just played other SAGE games for a bit), I dropped some of mine and my friend's lil gripes in the comments earlier, but here's a proper rating for the game! Veeery gooood, and I especially dig how unique everything is! Very Sonic, but still unique!
A great fan game, though I wish I started writing this review right after I finished it 100%, as I can't recall most things I had in this game. What I do remember is that this has good level design, good bosses (with some drawbacks), good music and feels like a spiritual successor to Sonic Before/After The Sequel. The only problems I had were probably the fact that this game felt a little too easy. I had only one death in one sitting. The special stages were also problematic to control. Going left or right feels too fast and sometimes I couldn't quite touch a hitbox, even causing me to fail when trying to touch a fan. That's what I can recall. I'd recommend it to everybody who likes classic games!