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SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 1 - Point & Click Edition (SAGE 2020 Demo)

Project Information

In this unique, gimmick-based ROM Hack of Sonic The Hedgehog, you can use your mouse pointer to interact with objects in a variety of ways. Hovering over Rings to magnetize them to Sonic, picking up & throwing monitors to break them apart, & clicking on springs to bounce the cursor away are just a few ways you can interact with the world around you. Be careful though, not everything you mouse over or click will be so friendly to you. This is a demo that ends after Green Hill Zone is completed. If you enjoy this though, keep an eye the full version at Sonic Hacking Contest 2020.

How to Play
Of course, you will need either a sega mouse, original console & flash cart, or an emulator that correctly supports mouse input. I have verified that this does in fact work flawlessly on hardware with the only real issue coming from trying to hold & use the left half of a gamepad in one hand while using a mouse with the other; it is slightly awkward. As far as emulator support goes, KEGA Fusion & BlastEM are the only two emulators I have found that correctly emulate the mouse. For Kega, keep in mind that you must press F12 to capture the mouse. For older versions of blastem, in order to change the controls, you will need to open default.cfg, scroll down to the io section & change "gamepad6.2" to "mouse.2". Despite REGEN saying it has mouse support, it is emulated in a way that is not even close to correct and therefore is not a suitable option for playing this ROM Hack. You can play this either alone or with a friend, with one player using the controller & the other using the mouse. Netgame players rejoice!

To play this, controller port 1 must have its input set to a gamepad/keyboard while controller port 2 must be set to mouse. The game will not boot if you don't have a mouse plugged in to port 2 (I may add text telling instructing the player to plug one in at a later date)

For emulators, this is the keyboard layout I recommend:
Up - W
Down - S
Left - A
Right - D
A - Space
B - <any key>
C - <any key>
Start - Enter

And as for what the mouse controls do, here's a brief guide:
Left Click - Interact
Right Click - Make Sonic Jump
Middle Click - Nothing!
Start Button - Same as Start button on gamepad

Clicking Sonic specifically will cause him to perform one of three new abilities depending on his state, which I will now list:
Spin Boost - spins in the direction the Sonic is moving with a small burst of speed, even if he is facing the opposite direction of his horizontal trajectory. Performed upon clicking while standing, running or falling through the air uncurled.
Super Jump - a fraction Sonic's ground speed is converted into upwards momentum, allowing him to reach new heights at higher speeds. Performed upon clicking while rolling along the ground.
Fall Swap - reverses Sonic's vertical velocity, allowing him to recover from an unplanned fall, double jump or even stomp to the ground. Performed upon clicking after a jump.


Documentaion & base driver code for mouse input - GaSEGA68k
Ample Music Playback System sound driver - AURORA☆FIELDS
Beta testing & quality assurance - Super Phanto
Extra graphics, mouse interaction programming & game plan - Nat The Porcupine


i cant buy a sega mouse
could you make it a fangame of some way we can use any mouse? and even if i could buy a sega mouse where do i buy one
and because of this its impossible to play
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someone know an emulator that supports mouse input??

How to Play

Of course, you will need either a sega mouse, original console & flash cart, or "an emulator that correctly supports mouse input."

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