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Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (SAGE 2021 DEMO)

This certainly has come a long way compared to last year's build.

This game does alot of stuff right.

initial thoughts;

-i know the stun feature has been in street fighter games forever [you keep hitting opponent constantly until they get dizzy] but wouldn't a feature like that send the wrong message to newcomers of 'get good or get out'?

-character designs are cool and it's what SNK heroines should have been.

-A star rating next to the challengers is very useful. If a 3 star has 15 special moves I dread to think how many a 5 star will have haha

-Rare amount of games are doing game boy styled games let alone gb fighting games, so you'll stand out easy.

Are the characters your OCs or are they from different neo geo pocket games?

You're getting better at developing this game and I look forward to future development
Team Project Sakura X
Team Project Sakura X
Thank you for your review, we appreciate it a lot! Regarding the characters, they're all original, created for this game! And about the star-rating system, it's more about the characters general playstyle difficulty than move quantity.