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Project Hopes (SAGE 2021 DEMO)

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The lastest game of EggsDev! In the first demo, Sonic and Shadow seperately encounters Mephiles, the main antagonist of the Mephiles Arc! Play as both of them in 2 different enviroments, Grassy Fields and Sensational Seaside! Enjoy!





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A good initial effort with some potential, just some things for you to consider as you continue to work on this,
the are a few adjustments to make within how you have bumper set up that will improve things.
IM not sure if you have increased the player model or moved the camera closer, but if you have increased the model size,

Sonic: consider increasing the character base speed alot more, proportionately the homing attack range should be increased also.

Springs, they seem to be set to additive, based on the inconsistency i experienced when using them, they should send the player the same distance regardless if i just walk into them or homing into them so not additive but a consistent force.

Platforming, consider giving the platform objects a max friction to the surface collider, makes the experience much better. Additionally, on thte crate section remove the homing from the boxes as its not needed if they are going to be platforms.

Levels, you have kept things open which is great, however you have also added key locations the player has to go to progress including invisible scene triggers. try and develop the stage to draw the player to those locations, it felt odd running around a level blindly until i stumbled into the collider. or in the case of shadows level to thing to guide the player to the steps to the switch to enable the spring.
also need to be a little more forgiving with the water collider.

still a good effort and hope to see more in the future.
Let's see, i think this fangame arrived too early, because there's a lot of things you NEED to fix

First, you need to fix sonic's speed, he's too slow, also the homing attack it's too broken, you need to fix it

The level design it's too poor right now, the levels are too open, and too empty at the same time, you should make one of two things, make the levels smaller, or add more things to the levels

Also you need to fix the cutscenes, they are poorly animated

I understand this fangame is still in development, but you need to improve, so, there's my opinion, i hope it helps

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