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This game was made a long time ago for a school project. With a few small tweaks here and there, I decided to expand on it during my free time. Sadly though, I only programmed the game, and haven't made any more levels. So it's just the one level.

After being able to actually update it some recently, I wanted to upload it to SAGE with the (small) hopes of it being actually noticeable. And to have more of a reason to work on it more often.

You're a snowman's head trying to get to your body. Collect snowflakes to get bigger and snowman parts (hat, nose, etc) to be more than just a pile of snow.

A and D or Left and Right Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to jump
E to use Actions (Like reading signs)

Mouse for menu navigation.

D-Pad and Left Joystick to move
A to Jump
X to use Actions




P.S. Try getting all the Giant Snowflakes at the end at once. I don't think it's hard.​


I really like a lot of the concepts you have here. I think the game would work excellently as a 3D platformer where all of the general rules apply, but it's just in 3D. I hope this feed back helps!
I love the graphics of this game. The shading and environments feel very Christmas-y and cozy. I like the winter aesthetic.

Rolling the snowball is fun, and the sense of progression as you get bigger feels good, but I think the base speed Is way too slow. It makes moving anywhere feel like it takes an eternity, especially if you die and lose your snowflakes. Also, I think you should be able to jump right after landing on the ground. Having to wait about a second for the next jump can feel unresponsive.

That's just my take on it, though. Overall, this game really got me into the holiday spirit.

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