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Mega Met (SAGE '21 demo)

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Inspired by the Hard Hat series and OH JOES! (A Proto Man Adventure), Mega Met features a cast of various types of Mets, ranging from main characters, to bosses, and even enemies.
The game's main focus is the shielding system - Mega Met can hide under his helmet to protect himself. However, the shield can only reflect basic pellets without consequences.


This demo features one stage, Ice Met's level. This level is the most basic out of the 4 Met Master stages and features every possible scenario for shield interaction, so it was a great fit to present the game to the public.

We want to hear your thoughts on the experience, so we have put together a form for you to send your feedback, comments, and overall experience in a way that won't overwhelm us. You can access it here:
You can also join out Discord server,, to stay up to date, ask questions, or report minor bugs.

Latest reviews

Best megaman, ahem sorry 'megamet' game this year!

-defence crouch is awesome + having punishment for relying on it is great too
-infinite lives + finite lives mode is perfect for beginners and veterans
-very well animated title art
-the feel of a megaman game is there
-protomet's tips are helpful
-everyone is a met, okay thats neato

for the game maker tools you were given you've made something you should be proud of!
great job, def recommend for megaman fans
Great Megaman fangame with a fun thematic gimmick. My only complaint is that the helmet isn't utilized in the most interesting way. Maybe instead of hiding in the safe zones, the helmet could protect against the snowstorm?
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I really like that idea, but being able to shield the blizzard would nullify the sections, especially the part where it chases you, if we keep the current stage. Designing around this idea would result in a large amount of waiting, making enemy encounters feel worse.
We will try to expand on the shielding system as best as we can, the shielding system is very stubborn with not working :P


There seems to be a bug with the selector in the menu constantly scrolling up... I have yet to experience this on any other game I have played in the showcase so far. I have tried unplugging other USB devices and nothing seems to fix it. About half a second to a second after you stop pressing the down arrow it just starts scrolling back up automatically.

Edit: Seems to have been an issue with my Razer Huntsman Analog Keyboard. I am not sure why, I had unplugged the device, restart my computer, everything and it kept happening when I would launch the program. Unplugging and replugging it WHILE the program was active fixed it though... so bizarre. Apologies for the false bug report, it was just so strange as this issue literally had not happened with any other game I'd played today.
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