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Marble Launcher -- Sage 2020 Beta

General Information

Originally being made a decade ago, the game has never had the chance to see the light of day. After a bit of tightening up, here it finally is, in all it's early 2010's glory; Marble Launcher


Journey through the world of Marble Launcher. Explore interesting worlds and overcome challenges in a 2D platforming adventure.

Explore 16 massive and unique levels.


From dry deserts


To rainy wetlands


and everything in-between! Conquer the challenges and enemies in your way.


This version still has a few bugs and kinks that I need to work on. And is generally unpolished -- but the game is semi-complete.

Please enjoy!


With a title like "Marble Launcher," I expected this game to be a physics-based puzzle platformer. It's more of a traditional platformer. It plays smoothly, though. The background kinda jitters, which is a little disorienting.

If this game is made in Game Maker, making sure no objects are set to "solid" can help with the background. Not sure how to help otherwise.

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