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SAGE 2023 - Complete Lylia's Deadline

General Information

Lylia's Deadline

An action-platformer inspired in games such as Mega Man X, focusing on new mechanics and movements.
A small project i've been developing as a hobby.

Featuring 4 Stages and 3 Bosses, with 4 different Music types.



Arrow Keys: Movement
Enter: Start
Z: Jump
X: Attack/Shoot
A: Dash
S: Shield
Q/W: Switch Weapon
F: Camera Mode


D-Pad: Movement
A: Jump
X/RT: Attack/Shoot
B/LT: Dash
Y: Shield
LB/RB: Switch Weapon
Select: Camera Mode

Special Movements:

Spin: Slide + Jump / Up + Dash Button
SpinHold: Spin + Dash Button
Stomp: Down while holding spin

Special Keys:

F1-F4 Switch Screen Size
F5 FullScreen
F6 Enable/Disable VSync
F7 Enable/Disable Hi-Res

Latest reviews

Not super into the Megaman series so it's kind of lost on me, but the visuals were really neat!
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Again, as I said before, I always itch for some Zero action, this game is perfect for that need.

Graphics wise it is very unique, I love the neon aesthethic and the fake 3d it has going on, for the graphics alone I think this game manages that sweet spot between substance and style.
The gameplay itself is no slouch either, it's fast paced and exciting, with different movesets and weapons I can use, the fact I can attack while sliding does help on combat too, and there's a good variety of enemies. At first it was hard to deal with them but that's because I wasn't thinking of using the full potential of my arsenal, and when I did, I started shattering everything that came into my way into pieces, very fun.
But the music is the highlight of this game, having 4 different modules, and all of it is EXCELLENT, it gives this moody futuristic vibe and it's all great, and if that's not enough this game comes included with a sound test, which is scientifically proven to improve a game, so props for that and props to the creator for composing this game.

It's not 100% perfect, like the blade being a bit awkward to use since I thought it would be like a sword, or how the tutorial doesn't explain everything, so that got me confused, and the second boss being a pushover, really I killed it before it did anything.

Nevertheless, everything else is top notch, you got your 5-star earned, you deserve it.
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Lylia's Deadline is an amazing, visually impressive action platformer! It takes inspiration from the Mega Man series in regards to the gameplay, but also adds it's own unique elements as well. I also find Lylia's Deadline to be a much more forgiving game than those of the Mega Man series.
In regards to the visuals there are many things I could praise but to keep things succinct, I'll just mention the first boss fight. The boss was well designed and I really dig the visual effects of that fight.
And lastly, but certainly not least, is the audio. The audio here is one of the best I've encountered at this year's SAGE. There's four audio options, and my two favorite are the CD and FM. Both rock and perfectly compliment this amazing game!
I look forward to coming back to this demo after SAGE and look forward to seeing more of this amazing project!
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Some wild stuff in here. I don't think I ever fully figured out spinning works, but it felt good when I did pull it off, and the minor 3D effect on the walls is pretty cool.

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