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SAGE 2022 - Demo Lumiva Legacy (SAGE 2022 Demo)

Liked as usual! Game feels better this time around. I have played as Roy so far as I have already played Bingo previously.

Some things I noted:

-Roy's uppercut could use a bigger hitbox as it was hard to aim and actually hit enemies with.
-Texture page is flashing randomly in-game again.
-Slide kick is fun to use!
-It might help the punches on Roy to feel heavier if he stopped briefly in the air while using them, at the minimum, at least when he hits something. Aka. hitstun would be super nice.
-Conversely to the slide, the normal punch is not fun to use, because it instantly stops you but has a slow windup and just feels...sticky, less than punchy, feels slightly more like a hindrance.
-Hard to see underwater in the cave! A little too dark down there.