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SAGE 2023 - Complete BulletHeck

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BulletHeck is a chaotic top-down bullet-hell game where you play as Grimboni and Bimboni, two creatures who have been sentenced to be strung together and fight enemies that appear out of portals in Heck for all of eternity. Collect different pick-ups that change the different kinds of bullets you fire at enemies, slaying as many of these wicked beasts as you can.


In case you don't want to download the game, feel free to play BulletHeck in your browser on or Newgrounds with the following links:

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Rather unfortunate your game has the same exact name as another one in this exact event, but I'm not into card games so you won out for me. What a weird game, in a good way. I could see a lot of potential being used with the two characters tethered together, Chaotix Survivors if you will. The orange and blue guys have the same energy the lesbians from Keith Stack's Leslie and Brianne comic. Kinda weird that you use WASD and the arrows in the game but you have to use the mouse for the menus. Would be neat to see this expanded upon, especially with dual stick controls.

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