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Big's Big World

Can someone add this on the Xbox Microsoft Store?
I mean the game have controls for the Xbox controller.
So, putting this on the Xbox Microsoft Store will probably give you good ratings.
So please do it! I have an Xbox One!
Oh, and the game looks like a masterpiece.
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i love this game and all the references and such, but my biggest problem(pun unintended) is that even though my controller worked with when i first booted it, it will now seemingly not even know its there. its not a computer issue, cause everything else says the controller is there
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I loved everything about this game, but can you update the game with more characters? Preferably Sonic, but also add others like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc. Overall 4.5/5 (Couldn't do that with the official rating though). Can you also add Movie Sonic? Since this game is a bunch of zones mixed together, and how Sonic travels to them through warp rings in the movie, it kinda makes sense
I checked this out as the start to my most recent birthday stream. This was such a great way to start the day. I never did figure out how to get Froggy to bite the lure, but just running around and geeking out at most of the locations was a great deal of fun. I kind of want to run around this same map as Sonic, just because it feels like something I want to zip through. It's fantastic! Far exceeded my expectations for a Big the Cat game.
Amazing open world action with Big the Cat.
I love how many different zones and areas and callbacks there are. I love the little details like linking up the end of Speed Highway with the City Hall building in Station Square (which of course are meant to be the same building), or making sure the railway line from Mystic Ruins eventually reaches Station Square. I love its *ahem* bigness and amount of effort.

Overall, a lot of fun, very exploration focused, but so many great little moments as you pick up on one detail after another.
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I've always wanted a fishing game with big, thanks and great job.❤😊
Good ending acquired, Big IS Speed.
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