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joke game

  1. RoBEEFnik

    Fan Game (RAGE 2024) Sonic super duper stars

    Originally released on but I felt it would be strange to not put it here. CONTROLS: Z: Jump X: Punch TIPS: Punching make you lose all momentum. To defeat Eggman, shoot him until he dies.
  2. Big's Big World

    Big's Big World

    Frooooooggyyyyyyyyyy! Oh no! Where did Froggy go this time? He's lost somewhere out in the big world. Play as Big the Cat and help reunite him with his pollywog pal in this open-world adventure. Download: Big's Big World (Windows Only) Updated 8/29/2021 2pm PST Recent update notes: -Fixed...
  3. Supra Smash Bross Ultimatum - 0.9 BETA

    Supra Smash Bross Ultimatum - 0.9 BETA

    SUPRA SMASH BROSS ULTIMATUM is a parody/joke game that is intentionally designed to look bad. Despite that, over a year of love, care, and devotion has been put into making this game as enjoyable as possible. This build for SAGE is a public beta, version 0.9. This build will be used to gauge...