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SAGE 2023 - Demo Adventure in a Cursed Island

General Information

Adventure in a Cursed Island is a gameboy-like adventure, sequel to the first game "Adventure in a Mysterious Island"!

It follows the charm of a 2D Platform genre, while remaining faithful to the Game Boy at its time.

However, much cannot be revealed here in this one. But, I hope this version of the demo would be a way to start!

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump Button
X - Action Button
Backspace - "Select"
Enter - "Start"/Pause (in-game)
Numbers 1, 2, and 3 (no number pad) for Window Sizes
F5 - Reset the game

There was a corruption I've suffered that only affected the sprite data. Fortunately, I was able to recover them and successfully made a fix!

For experimental purposes, here's the version with 60 FPS Gamespeed:



Latest reviews

This game looks really gorgeous! I am also making an original Gameboy-styled game (not in my SAGE 23 submission) and I know it is not easy to keep the action readable while also having a high level of detail, but you achieved it here.

I couldn't get past the boss though, I don't really understand when it is vulnerable as there is no different animation or sound effect when our hits seem inefficient. Dying there also made two glitches: after my first death, the boss theme would not restart when the fight began, and after my second death the screen turns "white" (well, lightest shade of green) and after hearing several boss SFX I couldn't even restart the game.

But overall, it looks very promising with terrific spritework. I would also have liked a few more explanations about the moves and what the buttons do in the booth, as I discovered the dash by pure accident! :D (by the way, you might want to limit the amount of dashes at one per jump, otherwise you can skip 95% of the level with the right timing by infinitely dashing through the air)
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Forgot to ask in my review, but is there an page (or any other shop) where we could follow the game? :)
Hello! Thank you very much for the feedback! :D

I'm very glad you like the game! I'll be sure to look into the glitches and fix them as soon as I can!
And will also implement the limit to ensure that skip would never happen!

As for the question, I do have one!...but, I haven't put in the game just yet. Eventually when it's time, I'll be more than happy to set it up for you to keep an eye on it. :3


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