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Advent NEON®

I played this demo back during SAGE 2020 and was impressed by the general concept and many aspects of the game play such as the combination of high-speed platforming, Celeste-like Dash Mechanics, and beat'em Up style sections. It was truly great through and through and I could find very few flaws in the game back then. Now, with new, far more expansive demo, I feel as though I have an even better idea of what the final game might look like and honestly, I'd say it's looking to be a masterclass in the genre. As I had previously stated, I believe there was a lot of hard work, heart, and effort put into this lovely little demo and I think the changes made from the previous revision has really helped it have a more fluid game feel; ramping up the difficulty while keeping things fair and balanced. If I had one complaint, and it's not even really a complaint; more of a suggestion, I feel this game would greatly benefit from having voice acting because while I was flying though the stages at mach speed, I hardly had any time to read the dialogue between the two main characters as I was more focused on avoid obstacles than reading. That is all. Good Luck, Game Devs! I can't wait to see the finished project.
You've used some interesting tactics to get this game to be well known,
you make a fnf mod for this game
post it on newgrounds and

You've got passion and a goal and I support you all for that!

-damn fun gameplay
-satisfying punches
-he goes fast
-funky fresh beats
-unique sound design for everything
-damn you can spawn so many enemies during training mode yeah!!
-the madman put in the gong sound effect and the sonic mania ruby sound effect too
-the silhouettes of those diva designs look very promising
-this legendary dev also put in c-stick smash attacks? that's rad
-funny dialogue that has internet humour but isn't rudely forced down my neck tube

-method on getting A ranks isn't clear, how do you do it?
-the timeframe to time stop during dashing doesn't feel fluid just yet. Do you dash during near contact? dash a bit further away from the attack?


-down airiel should be cancellable via jump. in stage 3 during the boss when you run up the walls, i time stop the boss but then input a down heavy ariel which sends me all the way to the bottom.
-when reaching the goal, sometimes neon will stay on the right in place instead of going to the goal
-when pausing during training mode, the sandbag will vibrate alot. I imagine it just has internal anger from neon hitting it all the time

best of luck for your Kickstarter!
I can't wait for the spark the electric jester X Advent Neon crossover in 2098