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  1. Advent NEON®

    Advent NEON®

    Advent NEON is a solo-developed passion project meant to combine a ton of the inspirations I've had growing up into a single character and game. With a focus on accessible, yet nuanced mechanics, speed, flash and tons of immediate power scaling, this game's meant to make anyone feel incredible...
  2. Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2

    Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2

    A platform fighter featuring a ton of the Mario cast! Features: -Over 32 characters to play as and over 20 stages to fight across. -Standard and Tag-Team Modes for multiplayer. -A complete classic mode and a WIP adventure mode. -A fully-functional stage builder, with files that you can share to...
  3. AdventNEON


    UPDATE!: NEW POST-SAGE DEMO IS NOW LIVE! DOWNLOAD IT BY CLICKING HERE! (The older SAGE2020 [REV-001] demo is still available as an attached zip file next to this post. However, download the, or click the link above to get the latest version.) AdventNEON is a solo-developed...
  4. Super CLASH Bros

    Super CLASH Bros

    Super Clash Bros is a crossover game featuring a battle mode and adventure mode. The characters are kept very accurate to their original games (same abilities, same health systems, inventories, etc.). This is an early preview version but the battle mode is very playable and fun with a group of...
  5. Sonic Smash Revived

    Sonic Smash Revived

    This page contains the only remaining file, this is cancelled from this point. SONIC SMASH REVIVED Is a fangame centered around a Smash Brothers-like engine designed to make sonic characters beat the tar out of each other until one gets knocked off the stage. It contains a variety of characters...
  6. Bugzy

    Fan Game Sonic: Smash Revived

    This has been canceled. Any moderators feel free to delete this thread.